Friday, August 12, 2016


Wednesday brought us cloudy skies, choppy seas, and rain. And more rain. Storm swirling around in the Gulf has been persistent to say the least.

Captain America  Grandson Knox wearing his new hoodie from Target

Son in law Kerry came prepared for rainy days ~ Putting together Avenger Lego sets is a great way to pass the time ~ Knox is supposed to be helping but he's busy fighting bad guys

Empty beach chairs ...

... as far as the eye can see

Crab legs at the Back Porch ~ a one time indulgence this vacation week ~ so good

By evening the sky started to clear after a torrential rain ~ we kept thinking maybe the rain is over ~ not
Wednesday was some pool time under cloudy skies
Knox is an expert at making new friends ~ Another abbreviated outdoor time as the rains blew in again and drove us back inside
Thursday began with fair weather but the rains kept on coming ~ we'd get ourselves ready for the beach or pool but by the time we got settled in the rain would blow in again
A refreshing beverage at the Back Porch
Since the Fisherman's Wharf restaurant closed two years ago, we look forward to having some meals at the Back Porch ~ such good food ~ Crab cakes were excellent
We walked around Thursday evening at the Harbor Walk Village ~ a nice diversion from the clouds and sitting in the condo
Neil and moi ~ thanks for the pic, Kelly!
Knox got his face painted
Captain America, of course! 
Family Kimbrough
Friday morning looked promising for some time in the sand ~ we rode out some sprinkles and thought we were clear ~ got in almost two hours and the sun actually came out for a few minutes ~ but the wind blew in a hard rain and back inside we went
Back down to the pool for a few minutes
Kelly watching for the next round of showers ~ we finally gave up and headed back inside when the rains came down
Mexican cuisine this evening ~ Knox amusing himself with a video on the iPad
I've heard about Whole Foods Market and how great it is ~ we stopped in at the newly opened one here and browsed around ~ very nice grocery store/eatery ~ expensive ~ bought yummy looking cookies for a buck each ~ now I can say I've shopped at a Whole Foods Market ~ we'll never have one in Cookeville ~ couldn't afford it anyway
The sunsets here so far this week have been subdued ~ no sun to set the sky ablaze as it sets ~ but the moon is visible along with a few stars tonight ~ is it too late to see the Perseids? We've kept an eye on the Olympics, especially the swimmers, watching USA win the gold. Here's hoping for a sunny weekend.


  1. So sorry you have had such bad weather! :( The scenery is still beautiful, though! Is The Back Porch as good as Fisherman's Wharf? It that what went in to the Fisherman's Wharf building or is it another restaurant? Maybe I'll find out someday! :) I bet Knox had a blast being Captain America. How fun! Here's hoping for better weather this weekend.

    1. God blessed us with sun today!!
      The Back Porch has been around since the 70s I think, walking distance from Gulfgate. Food is great! Not sure what went in where Fishermans Wharf used to be. Sure do miss it.
      Beautiful day today. Hooray!

  2. Just got on the live beach cam from Destin Harborwalk Village, looks like sunshine today! --at least at 9:20 am the sun was shining! Hope it stays!