Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Shortest Month From Start To Finish

February 1 ~ Bedtime Bible stories
February 2 ~ Will the groundhog see his shadow?
February 2 ~ I saw mine. Does that mean six more weeks of winter?
February 2 ~ At McDonald's, Neil, grandson Elijah, and I sat at a table next to a man who made this fabulous paper airplane out of his MickyD's tray mat and gave it to Elijah. The man told us he used to work for  McDonnell Douglas (I'd heard of it but had to Google it just out of curiosity). 
According to Wikipedia, it was a major American aerospace manufacturing corporation and defense contractor formed by the merger of McDonnell Aircraft and the Douglas Aircraft Company in 1967. Between then and its own merger with Boeing in 1997, it produced a number of well-known commercial and military aircraft such as the DC-10 airliner and F-15 Eagle air-superiority fighter.
So this man knew how to make a paper airplane that would fly.
Elijah took the plane home and had fun seeing how far it would fly. It was pretty impressive. 
February 2 ~ Tied up his long hair-do with a scrunchy
February 2 ~ Granddaughter Shelby and her Bro E in line at Ocha, one of our favorite eating places that we hope never goes out of business.
February 3 ~ My great-nephew with his mom Evan, celebrating birthday #2. I share my February 3rd birthdate, not only with Finn, but also with my nephew Alex, who turned 29 that day. 
Finn's mom calls him "Baby Bird" maybe for good reason. He's here with his cousin Knox opening wide for a bite of ice cream. These two are good buddies.
Finn's birthday party theme was Paw Patrol. Grandson Knox snagged some balloons and a Paw Patrol mask party favor and wore it home, which made his mom Kelly smile. 
Enjoyed my birthday dinner at Bobby Q's with my peeps. Around the table from front left: daughter Kelly, birthday me, hubby Neil, granddaughter Shelby, grandson Elijah, son-in-law Jerry, daughter Holly, and grandson Knox
Birthday party peeps ~ Around the table from left: daughter Kelly, grandson Elijah, sister Jane, bro-in-law Don, hubby Neil, grandson Knox, niece Sarah, granddaughter Shelby, niece Julia, and daughter Holly. (I take pictures of them while they're singing the birthday song. Gives me something to do during that awkward birthday moment) 
65th Birthday portrait ~ Kelly's Snapchat strikes again! 
February 4 ~ Sunday chicken burrito lunch at El Tapatio ~ It tastes way better than it looks.
And later at Starbucks where it's always crowded, but we somehow managed to snag a table for four. iPad  and chocolate cookie time for Knox.
February 5 ~ After school homework for Elijah and Shelby
February 8 ~ Looking out my front door. I love a good sunset.
February 9 ~ Penny the class Guinea Pig ~ Elijah's 6th grade class takes turn bringing her home for the weekend to take care of her. She's really cute but very shy.
February 9 ~ 
February 9 ~ daughter Kelly brought us doughnuts from Ralph's. Knox (in the backseat) had the flu, so they didn't get out. They'd been cooped up at home for days while Knox recovered from strep throat. Then he was hit with type B flu.
Thank goodness he had a very mild case of flu. I think he was happy just to be out of the house for a while. And doughnuts from Ralph's make it all better, too.
February 9 ~ Afternoon traffic on the city square
February 10 ~ Cardinal ~ a dreary winter pop of color ~ used the Prisma photo filter app
February 14 ~ Grandson Knox made this valentine for me and hand-delivered it to my front door. Sweet!
February 15 ~ We fly the flags around here
February 16 ~ since Ocha wasn't open that Friday evening, we ended up at Mamma Rosa's for some yummy pizza. 
February 18 ~ Son-in-law Jerry turned 40 and wound up at El Tapatio where they placed the birthday sombrero on his head and sang a birthday song to him in Spanish. He didn't see it coming until it was too late.
February 18 ~ The sky that day was awesome. I couldn't take enough pictures of it. I used the Snapseed photo filter app on this shot, so it's the sky on steroids.
February 19 ~ Spring training for Knox who is signed up to play T-Ball soon.
He can hit the ball pretty hard and far for a 6 year old
February 21 ~ no hurry, no worry
February 24 ~ More spring training ~ Knox got a new helmet with a face guard
Wonder if it will snow on the buttercups?
February 24 ~ Knox batting the ball and running the bases with Coach Grandpa
February 27 ~ Elijah is on his middle school's baseball team. He got to play third base in their first game.
Elijah at bat. The Raiders won 6-2.

February 28 ~ Back to Bobby Q's for Neil's birthday dinner. Around the table from left: son-in-law Kerry, daughter Kelly, granddaughter Shelby, grandson Knox, grandson Elijah, daughter Holly, birthday boy Neil, and moi.

Happy 67th Birthday to my hubby Neil!! Love you always!!

~From birthday to birthday, February comes full circle~

February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March. ~J.R. Stockton

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Simple Woman's Daybook February Edition

Participating in the Simple Woman's Daybook for February
hosted by Peggy Hostetler 

For Today
February 8, 2018

Looking out my window... 
This afternoon

I am thinking... maybe that flu shot I got a few months ago actually works. 

I am thankful... my six year old grandson does not have the flu. His mom and dad took him to the ER when he spiked a 104 temperature and nothing was making it go down. Turns out he has strep. But no sore throat.

One of my favorite things... is working and playing with Photoshop (Elements) whenever I get the chance. 

I am creating... rather hope to create works of art with the Apple pencil I got for my birthday. I downloaded the Procreate app on my iPad Pro and have been experimenting with that a bit with the pencil. 

I am reading... the New Testament using a one-year reading plan.
Also reading various daily devotionals:
One Thousand Gifts Devotional by Ann Voskamp
The Red Letter Words of Jesus by Jack Countryman
The Story - 365 Devotional
Not A Fan Daily Devotional by Kyle Idleman
Also reading Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman
On my fiction shelf, both physical and digital, are a stack of books I hope to get to ASAP.
Getting ready to start reading Into The Water by Paula Hawkins--a birthday gift from niece Sarah

I'm watching... The new season of The X-Files, but looks like most of the shows we do watch are on hold until after the Olympics

I'm listening to... tunes on my iPod whenever I'm alone in the car

I am hoping... that I along with my loved ones will escape the dreaded flu

I am learning... how to use the Procreate app. It is similar to Photoshop. There's a learning curve. Going to take some time to figure it out so I can have some fun with it.

In my kitchen... nothing cooking--we had Subway for supper tonight. But here's a slow cooker soup recipe that I make now and then that's really good:

2   cans condensed creamy chicken mushroom soup
2   cans chicken broth
2   12.5 oz. cans Chunk Chicken Breast (with Rib Meat in Water, Fully Cooked--I use Wal-Mart Great Value Brand)
1    9-to-10 oz. package frozen mixed vegetables 
1    tsp. seasoned pepper or garlic-pepper seasoning (I use the garlic pepper)
1 and 1/2 cups dried egg noodles (these are added after soup is cooked--see directions)(I use Mueller's Hearty Homestyle Egg Noodles)

In a slow cooker, gradually stir in the 2 cans of chicken broth into the condensed soup. Stir or whisk until smooth. 
Stir in chicken (I use a fork and chunk it up in the can first--don't drain), vegetables, and seasoned pepper.

Cover. Cook on low heat setting for 6 to 8 hours or on high heat setting for 3 to 4 hours.

If using low-heat setting, turn to high-setting. Stir in noodles. Cover and cook for 20 to 30 minutes more until
noodles are just tender.

Once the soup is cooked, I turn off the cooker, stir the soup,  and let it sit (without the lid usually) so the soup can thicken. 
It's better when it's thickened a bit. 
You can also substitute 10 oz. frozen broccoli for the mixed vegetable. (I've never tried it but might be good)

In the school room... sickness (flu/strep) keeping kids home

Board room... from my Pinterest board Inspirational

Post Script... a neat shop on Etsy:
Photography, Home Decor, Jewelry, Gifts
Photo art by Maren Misner

Shared Quote... 

A moment from my day... 
I'm never there. However, I have started riding my stationary bike again. Yay me.

Closing Notes...


If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create one of your own, HERE is the link to the format, guidelines and complete list of prompts.