Thursday, May 26, 2016

I hope some day to meet God, because I want to thank Him for the flowers. ~Robert Brault

MAY FLOWERS ~ SPRING COLOR around my house

Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into. ~Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts, 1858

Saturday, May 14, 2016

'Your time as a caterpillar has expired. Your wings are ready.'


Almost there ~my niece Julia Foy standing in line with her senior classmates, waiting for Pomp and Circumstance ~ it's finally graduation day!
Ready to receive that paper
"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's  end." ~Semisonic, Closing Time
"You're off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way." ~Dr Seuss
"Here's to new opportunities open to you with the diploma you now hold as proof of diligence, knowledge, and skills."
Julia graduated in the top 10% of her senior class of 510!
Foy Family ~ dad Don, grad Julia, mom Jane, and sister Sarah
Julia with her Grandpa Foy
With Aunt Deanne and Uncle Alan Foy
With her two aunts who wore the same shirt to Julia's graduation (Aunt Kay and Aunt Ann ~ or as Ann dubbed us ~ the Doublemint Twins)
With big sis Sarah
With cousin Shelby
and with cousins Kelly and Holly
After a delicious meal from Stroud's and yummy desserts, Julia opened her gifts. Her Aunt Deanne made this beautiful afghan

No matter where you go or what you do, I know you'll always shine bright. So proud of you and all you've accomplished and blessed to call you my niece. Love you always!
Congratulations, Julia!
You did it!

Julia's Mother's Day Out graduation was in May, 2003. Today, she graduates from high school. I love this girl so much & am excited to see what her future holds. ~Julia's mom, Jane, posted this on Facebook today. 
So sweet. I had to share it.

Friday, May 13, 2016

"Share your sparkle wherever you are." - Dodinsky


That moment when you receive your diploma ~ Grandson Elijah reached an important milestone in his life today. He graduated from 4th grade with honors.
Proud mom Holly
Elijah with his awesome 4th grade teacher, Sarah Henson
Once a Capshaw Kid, always a Capshaw Kid! 
Three generations of Capshaw Kids ~ Elijah, his mom Holly and his granny Kay
All decked out in Capshaw Cougar colors ~ a yummy reception for the graduates and families courtesy of the third grade class
So long, elementary school! Hello, summer break and then on to middle school!
Elijah received his certificate for completion of 4th grade. He also received the President's award for outstanding academic achievement, a medal for A-B honor roll, a Capshaw recycling team award, and a broadcasting award. Congratulations, Elijah, for a job well done from kindergarten through fourth grade. So very proud of you!!
Now it's time to play and have some fun. . .

. . .and enjoy a graduation day lunch at Ocha. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

"It's not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it." ~ The Golden Girls

God has blessed me with a terrific husband, two amazing daughters, two wonderful sons-in-law, and three extraordinary grandchildren
Daughter Holly with her daughter Shelby and son Elijah
Daughter Kelly with her son Knox (hubby Kerry had to work today)
Me and my girls ~ I know, we could be identical triplets, right? {Just kidding}
Kelly brought D.Q. Treatzza Pizzas ~ M&M and Heath ~ scrumpdillyicious!
Holly gave me a way cool rocking chair ~ great for porch sitting and reading
So comfy!
Kelly gave me a gorgeous hydrangea ~ the picture doesn't do it justice ~ I'd love to leave it on my porch, sit in my rocker, and rock and stare at it all day
I enjoyed Mother's Day with my peeps. They always go out of their way to make me feel special. Thanks so much, dear daughters! The two of you are wonderful moms. I love you so much!!
Happy Mother's Day!

~A few Mother's Day Outtakes~