Thursday, March 22, 2018

Picture Postcards ~ Middle March

March 11 - Coffee and cheesecake at Poet's 
Courthouse Square wet and rainy painted with Brushstroke
Rainbow-colored pavement outside MickyD's
March 12 - Snowy day Cold North windy day
Every time

March 14 - Pi Day - Or Pie Day as we like to think of it - an excuse to indulge in a circular frozen sweet treat from the DQ (MM Treatzza Pizza!)

"The constant pi, denoted , is a real number defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter
It has been represented by the Greek letter "π" since the mid-18th century, though it is also sometimes spelled out as "pi". Being an irrational number, π cannot be expressed exactly as a common fraction (equivalently, its decimal representation never ends and never settles into a permanent repeating pattern)."
Math was never my thing.
Don't say I never taught ya nothin'

March 16 - made it pop with a filter in Snapseed
March 17 - Saint Paddy's Day - The story goes that wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns, who will pinch only those they can see - Knox was safe - Grandpa not so much -
Nice to have a helper to do the yard work hard work

March 21 - First full day of Spring - yep, it snowed ....
.... but it was all gone by sunset

December days were brief and chill,
The winds of March were wild and drear,
And, nearing and receding still,
Spring never would, we thought, be here.
~Arthur Hugh Clough (1819–1861)

Saturday, March 10, 2018

“Only those with tenacity can march forward in March” ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

March 4 ~ this is grandson Elijah's 'do-you-have-to-take-my-picture-again' look
Yes! Of course! Especially since he got a new much shorter haircut.
You'd think he'd know by now after 11+ years that Granny is not going to stop taking his picture.
March 4 ~ Revenge! 
Our son-in-law Jerry's birthday was last Sunday, and we ate lunch after church at El Tapatio, where Neil informed the server that it was Jerry's birthday. So of course they put the birthday sombrero on Jerry's head and all the servers sang a happy birthday song in Spanish.
A week later, and a few days after Neil's birthday, we ended up eating lunch after church at El Tapatio, where Jerry wasted no time getting his revenge on his father-in-law.
That's what you call Karma.
March 6 ~ shadow time ....
.... and the days are getting longer
March 7 ~ Grackles tend to congregate in large groups, popularly referred to as a plague or annoyance, according to Wikipedia. Totally true. Lately, they've discovered our bird feeders where there are sometimes ten or fifteen of them gathered around on the ground, pecking and posturing and fighting each other over the seed. 
They seem hateful and greedy and mean. Plague and annoyance are spot on descriptions of their gatherings. 
March 8 ~ A group of squirrels is called a 'scurry', although they don't run in packs. They should be called a plague and annoying. Greedy little buggers. But I think the Grackles got them beat.
When Neil and I started dating way back in 1972, one of our first dates was at Gondola Pizza House. That's when it was located just down the street from TTU. When it came time to order our shared pizza, he told me to choose the topping. How generous! What a guy!
Many years later, he finally told me that he about gagged that night when I chose MUSHROOMS for the topping. He hated mushrooms, those gag-worthy slimy things.
Whenever he tells that story about that date, I always point out to him that we could have ordered a half-and-half pizza--mushrooms for me and something else besides mushrooms for his half.
Like I said, what a guy!
Flash forward 46 years (!?!) and look who's sharing a mushroom pizza at Gondola Pizza House. I feel obligated, even now,  to point out to him we don't have to get mushroom, that we can do a half-and -half. But he's come to enjoy those Gondola mushroom pizzas.
I knew he was a keeper.
How can anybody eat a pizza and use only one napkin. Not me, apparently.
March 9 ~ For her cosmetology business project, granddaughter Shelby had to pull together and organize a beauty salon business, detailing how much it would cost from start up to opening day. Plus, she had to build a mock-up of her salon. She made everything from scratch, even painting the street in front of the salon. She handcrafted a tiny realistic-looking blowdryer and a hair straightener. 
She made a 94 on her business profile (the highest grade was a 97), and she made a 100 on her salon mock-up. After the hours and hours she poured into all of it, she was thrilled with her awesome grades. Way to go, Shelby! So proud of all your hard work!
The Grandpeeps
Grandson Knox discovered the joys of the typewriter when I showed him the typewriter app on my computer. It's the Hanx Writer app created by none other than Tom Hanks, who I've heard loves and collects typewriters. Knox had a great time typing messages on the different models of typewriters. They even make the key click sounds and the ding of the bell on the carriage return. Coolest thing ever. But not as cool as the real thing.
Knox's typewritten message to his mom
March 10 ~ Winter and Spring are duking it out here in Tennessee. 
Unexpected unscheduled baseball games today for Elijah who plays on his middle school's JV team. Elijah had to be there before 11:00 this morning, not knowing when he'd be playing in one of three games his team was going to play. Of course, he ended up playing in the third game at 2:30, so that's when Neil and I showed up. But Holly (E's mom) had been there the whole time, leaving during the second game to bring in some lunch.
The sun was clouded and the wind blew cold during E's game. We huddled under a blanket. Thus the frowny faces. Plus E's team was totally outplayed by their opponents.
Three up, three down every time E's team was up to bat. They were having a really bad game. He finally got to bat in the 4th inning ....

.... and, unfortunately, struck out. It was the only time in the whole game he got to bat. Major bummer. More frowny faces (see previous frowny face picture)

After the game, Elijah told us his team was one point short of the ref calling the mercy rule. He had to explain to me what that meant since I had no clue.
15 to 0 in the 4th inning. Game over.
If you've never heard of the mercy rule, here's a little info. Don't say I never taught ya nothin'.

The mercy rule is a provision in the rules that terminates a game early if one of the two teams has taken a substantial lead, considered to be insurmountable, after a minimum number of innings have been played. ... The mercy rule is often called the skunk rule in slang, particularly in youth baseball.