Monday, October 31, 2016


BOO, Y'all! The orange pumpkin I bought to carve for a jack o' lantern didn't make it to Halloween, so I carved a white or ghost pumpkin. That's a first. I like it. 
Our traditional Halloween chili supper ~ at the table from left: daughter Holly, granddaughter Shelby, sister Jane, and bro-in-law Don.
For once it isn't me who has something growing out of my head in a picture. That wreath looks good on you, Don. He handed out candy to the trick or treaters this evening. 
Two tables, no waiting. From left: daughter Kelly, Kelly's (and our) good friends Addelyn, Kelly, and Daniel Hodge, son-in-law Kerry, and grandson Knox
Around the table from left: daughter Holly, granddaughter Shelby, sister Jane, bro-in-law Don, hubby Neil, and niece Julia
Yummy cupcakes
Grandson Elijah 
Niece Julia and granddaughter Shelby
Elijah~Spy Guy
Holly's all decked out for Halloween~love those tights~nice little hat, too
Shelby channeled Negan from The Walking Dead
Julia is very creative and always makes the best costumes
Pumpkin Addelyn with Mom and Dad
Grandson Knox had so many super hero Halloween costumes that he couldn't decide what he wanted to be ~ so he wore a mash-up of Batman, Captain America, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Black Panther, and at one point Bumblebee the Transformer (more than meets the eye)
It simply would not be Halloween without son-in-law Jerry decked out in his camo and werewolf/wolfman costume, scaring all the little kids and their parents half to death. He hides behind 
trees, impossible to see, then ambushes the unsuspecting trick or treaters when they least expect it. Priceless. 
Halloween spirit ~ From top left: Holly, Shelby, daughter Kelly (love those devil horns)
From middle left: Julia and Elijah
Front from left: Addelyn and Knox (who changed into his Bumblebee mask for the group shot)
I really missed niece Sarah who was working on the Children's Theater production of Beauty and the Beast (in rehearsal at the moment) so she couldn't join us tonight. Her mom shared this picture of her (and family kitty Louis) in her Halloween costume she wore for a party (like her sister Julia, Sarah is also very creative). Missed you, Sarah! Wasn't the same without you.
Another Halloween come and gone. It's probably my favorite holiday. Love that my fabulous family loves it, too. So glad we could be together again on October 31.
Hope your Halloween was spooky good fun, too

Friday, October 21, 2016


 ~October is The BIG ONE~

Vintage Santas figured they'd just skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and dive right in to Christmas
A well-loved bear in a time-worn top hat~he's stylin'
The Thinker~Satanic version~There were two of these which might be interesting sitting out on the front porch on either side of the door to greet people on Halloween
Mums the word~these were enormous~I love them but they die at my house
Got ants? Hard to tell what these are in this picture, but each one is an ant made out of rocks and wire, and each one is holding a tiny garden tool~It would be fun to line them up like this in your kitchen and then call the exterminator and tell him you have an ant problem
God is good. God is love. And, oh yeah, Rock n Roll!
Got malaria? Here's your sign cure
The vendor sign on this said Ask To See Them~Well, you know, they're right there in front of me~Hard not to see them~I guess they're some sort of vintage collectible and pretty pricey at that
The Poohs and The Mouses~Party animals
October at the flea market always features Halloween items
Somebody, somewhere owned these once~I'm guessing by the color and the ridiculous lamp shades they're late '60s and well into the '70s
A doll from yesteryear~completely hand sewn out of a durable canvas-like material~probably why he's survived this long
First thing that popped into my mind was The X-Files~cool sign
21st century boy toys~pretty cool
Unicorn has a unique horn, yes? Halloween mask, most likely
Fender bass and its teensy tiny amplifier
I had a pair or two of these back in the olden days when I was a kid~Saddle Oxfords~way cool~hard to polish because you usually ended up getting white shoe polish on the black saddle part
Red light! Green light! 
Lunch time at Ju-Ju's Southern Fried everything~I got a big fat hot dog and Neil got a big fat Bratwurst with fried onions and peppers~Living dangerously at the flea market
Beautiful day in Nashville for the flea market in October~lots of sun, a few clouds, and a nice cool and at times brisk breeze~I think the first true Autumn day we've had so far this month
Neil and his bratwurst~He said it was good~My dawg was good, too~Big fat hot dogs are always extra delicious when you're really really hungry
American history at its worst~I see signs like these all the time at the flea market, although I'm hard pressed to understand why anyone would want them~Just cringeworthy to say the least
Hillary and Donald, is that you? Door knockers. Maybe coat hooks. Your guess is as good as mine.
This door knocker might give the impression that you're not a 'people person'~It would make a good 'No Solicitors' sign
The things you run across at the flea market ...
Popeye and his sweetie Olive Oyl~still together after all these decades
Somebody's family/relatives/loved ones~Nobody labels their pictures~Nobody knows who they are~So nobody wants them
Cast iron bank~Put a coin in its bony hand and flip his hand up to deposit the money inside his bony skull~That's my theory anyway~I flipped his hand up and his right (your left) eye opened
The old ball and chain~I imagine some prisoner wore this nice ankle bracelet back in the day
Dried apple gourds and whatever that long curvy thing is
This one's for grandson Knox
The older the Baby Boomers get, the cheaper the vinyl gets
Keeping up with the Kardashians (and maybe Bruce)~Bald is beautiful
I knew it! Santa is a VOLS fan~Go Big Orange!
Gratuitous flea market selfie
I love type writers~60 bucks for this sweet one~would love to have bought it but then one of us would've had to lug it around for the rest of the day~probably would've been me, so no
One of the stranger things we saw today
And this was probably the most bizarre item I saw~a cemetery foot stone~for real~I guess she doesn't need it anymore
Funny but it wouldn't surprise me
Looks like a painting of Jesus, I'm assuming ...
.... only it's not a painting~the head is coming right at you out of the frame~Reminds me of that bizarre picture Phoebe had hanging in her apartment on 'Friends' 
It's October~Santa is not amused
Strange bedfellows?
As if ...
Fun times at the Nashville Flea Market.
Check it out at the Fairgrounds~Open Saturday and Sunday also
Happy TGIF, y'all!