Thursday, April 30, 2020

April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go. ~Christopher Morley

April 3
Ella's trampoline hair
Her brother Knox will gladly 'pop' her
She'd rather run around in circles
April 4
You'd think it wouldn't be all that hard to grow grass
But it is. Here's hoping third time's the charm
April 4
Kelly and Ella just a swingin'
April 5
Grandpa, Knox, and Ella soaking up some rays
And then back to their game on the phone
She loves to color but mostly she loves playing with the crayons
Markers are fun too
April 7
This boy loves to read
Knox, Ella, and dad Kerry out for a stroll
Snapchats borrowed from Kelly
April 8
Shoving crayons into her sock
Good times
April 8
Knox zooms by on his go-kart
April 8
We've enjoyed our first real Spring in a long time
In recent years past, we've jumped from Winter right into Summer it seems
April 10
7:01 AM at Wally World when physical distancing is easy
A rare sighting of this hot commodity
April 10
8 AM donut run
Gotta get 'em while they're still available and fresh
X marks the spot until it's your turn to order the goodies
April 11
We had our annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday this year because ... sunshine
Easter Sunday was forecast to be a washout
Easter Bunny brought Knox a Red Ryder BB gun/rifle
Easter Peeps
Easter lunch

Easter Bunny brought Ella her favorite Bubble Guppies characters
Shelby and Elijah
Kelly took this pic with her new iPhone 11
The camera is amazing
Ready to hunt
This was Ella's second Easter but first to hunt eggs

This year we numbered the eggs in grand peep birth order
Why carry a bag or basket when you can stuff the eggs in your pants pockets
Grandpa and Ella
She had a great time picking up her eggs and putting them in her basket
And then dumping them all out and doing it all over again
Holly and Shelby watching Ella as she picked up one egg at a time and took it to her basket
instead of lugging that basket around the yard with her
Prize egg found
Knox found his
Shelby did too
Target practice
Kelly and Ella Easter selfie
A lot of these Easter pics were taken by Kelly
April 11
Saturday sunset
April 12
Kelly ordered giant coloring pages to help keep Knox busy during the 'stay home' days
This one took quite a while with help from his mom and dad but they finally got it finished
April 17
Swing time
April 18
Look, Ma, no hands!
Ella does her own stunts
April 19
Frozen treats at Sonic
April 21
Sign o' the times
April 22
That look on your face when you hate online school/homework
And you just woke up
Sometimes you need a crash helmet when you're making art
Robin takes a break from nest weaving
Shelby needed to get out of her house and came for a visit
She's enduring online college classes but no choice but to get through it
And hope for a normal semester later this year
High flyin'
Ella's always happy to see daddy
April 23
We've had not only a wet month but a very wet year so far
April 25
Reading in their fort under Knox's bunk bed
April 25
April 25
Ella's tower with a little help from Grandpa
April 25
Rediscovered an old photo editing app
Photo Funia
Enjoyed playing with the pencil sketch
Check 'em out

April 28
We hadn't seen Holly and Elijah since our Easter egg hunt
The Kimbroughs popped by too
Elijah registered for his freshman year in high school and that just blows me away
Time is flying by even though these past few weeks have sometimes seemed like years crawling by

Ella got to (slowly) ride the go-kart with her dad
I'll be looking at the moon, but I'll be seeing you ~a line from one of my mom's favorite songs
Ella was sitting on Knox's go-kart, looking up at the moon
April 28
Cinnamon roll from Ralph's Donut Shop
It was a whopper
April 30
Is anyone else tired of being told what to do and where we can go?
I sure am
Not fun for someone who's claustrophobic
It is what it is
y'all stay safe
this too shall pass

it's all good