Tuesday, October 16, 2018

“I wish that every day was Saturday and every month was October.” ~Charmaine J. Forde

October 1 ~ My most fave month got a soggy start
October 3 ~ It's a law that you have to eat chili in October/Autumn, and Wendy's chili is da bomb
October 5 ~ Living with dust during this never-ending living room makeover
October 5 ~ What in the world is this weird stuff growing on this tree? Mushrooms?
October 6 ~ grandson Knox has discovered the wizarding world of Harry Potter, so he's decided to be Harry for Halloween this year, a departure from his usual super hero costumes. When his mom took this picture of him, he hadn't yet received his wand and glasses they'd ordered to complete his costume.
October 6 ~ Hubby Neil, Jack of All Trades. He can do it all, folks. Yay!
October 7 ~ Want fries with that? We did not order all these, but there ya go, no charge. Go figure.
October 10 ~ awesome Autumn sunset
October 11 ~ Late bloomers. I didn't think our hydrangeas were going to bloom at all this year, but what do I know. Guess they decided better late to the party than never.
October 11
October 12 ~ Knox has perfected the front flip on trampoline much to his delight.
October 12 ~ granddaughter Ella Rose turned 4 weeks old. She was officially one month old on the 14th.
October 12 ~ She is fascinated by her big brother
October 13 ~ There's just something about an October sky ....
"In the entire circle of the year there are no days so delightful as those of a fine October."
~A. Smith
How can it be that October is already half over?!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer's wreckage. We will welcome summer's ghost. ~Heny Rollins

September 1 ~ It's beginning to look like the most wonderful time of the year. For me, that would be Autumn.
September 1 ~ Soggy Old Glory
September 1 ~ Supper at Cheddar's with Kelly, Elijah, and Shelby. E tried on Shelby's glasses for size.
September 6 ~ Knox and classmates showing their school colors at Spirit Day before their annual fundraiser Cougar Run
September 7 ~ How fast can a Cougar run? Knox ran 13 laps for Cougar Run.
September 8 ~ Emptied shelves and cabinets and drawers so we could move some of the furniture out of the living room. We began removing the chair rail and the wall paper which have been fixtures in this room for the last 34 years. Neil is still trying to finish up leveling the floor in here to make way for a new hardwood floor. 
September 11 ~ Good morning, Glory!
September 11 ~ Knox batting in a coaches pitch Fall Ball game
September 13
September 14 ~ Big brother, meet baby sister ~ love at first sight
September 15
September 17
September 21 ~ Flea market weirdness ~ first flea market we've been to in a long time ~ Nashville is on the verge of getting rid of their fairgrounds which hosts the flea market the fourth weekend of every month. We've always found some cool (and weird) stuff here. Hate to see it end. Hope it doesn't.
September 24
September 26 ~ Neil wiggling his way out from under the floor. It's a tight space. I don't see how he does it. 
September 28 ~ Neil went with Knox and his class on their field trip to Amazing Acres pumpkin patch where he snapped this cool pic of a spider's web laced with dew drops.
September 28 ~ Knox had a blast on the zip line. He and his classmates played and ate lunch and picked out the perfect pumpkin to take home.
Thirty days has September .....

"For summer there, bear in mind, is a loitering gossip, that only begins to talk of leaving when September rises to go."
~George Washington Cable

Thursday, August 30, 2018

"August ... the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time." ―Sylvia Plath

"August rushes by like desert rainfall,
A flood of frenzied upheaval,
But still catching me unprepared.
Like a matchflame
Bursting on the scene,
Heat and haze of crimson sunsets.
Like a dream
Of moon and dark barely recalled,
A moment,
Shadows caught in a blink.
Like a quick kiss;
One wishes for more
But it suddenly turns to leave,
Dragging summer away."
-  Elizabeth Maua Taylor

August 1 ~ Seriously?!?
August 2 ~ Replacing floor joists, leveling our living room floor, hubby Neil becomes one with the floor
August 3 ~ Grandson Knox on the path from school to Granny's house
August 4
August 5 ~ I'm not a daily coffee drinker, but I do enjoy the coffee at Grandma's Pancake House whenever we eat there
August 5 ~ Here's the church, Here's the steeple, Open the doors, There's all the people on a Sunday evening
August 7 ~ backyard baseball ~ practice ....
.... makes perfect
August 9 ~ at the Putnam County Fair
Knox had a blast riding the rides 

But he was so done with the merry go round and the other 'kiddie' rides and bravely hopped onto this one...

...and loved every second of it

He was proud of himself for trying something out of his comfort zone
Kelly, Kerry, Knox
This reminds me of something out of War of the Worlds (Tom Cruise version)

August 11 ~ Coloring cousins Knox and Shelby at Steak n Shake
August 11 ~ Shakes from ChickfilA ~ Got to get the peach while the gettin is good
August 16 
August 17 ~ birthday boy Elijah celebrating his 12th with ice cream at the Lazy Cow Creamery
August 17 ~ Shelby lovin on little brother 
They really do like each other. Mostly.
August 18 ~ celebrating 12 with a giant chocolate chip cookie cake

August 19 ~ Knox and his Sunday school classmates AJ and Gibson learning about the birth of Jesus. Their teacher Mrs. Sandy brings these lessons to life for them.

August 23 ~ When your binder explodes at school and you have to sift through all that paper to find today's homework....

August 25 ~ Devices and doughnuts

August 26 ~ backyard pitching fun

August 28 ~ Shelby was chosen to be the president of the cosmetology club at school. Go, Shelby!!

August 29 ~ Can't eat Krystals without thinking about my mom

While we were sitting there eating our Krystals I wondered out loud where all the birds were. They're usually all over the place, waiting for a handout. Neil tossed part of a french fry onto the sidewalk and out of nowhere a flock of sparrows swooped in, screaming Mine! Mine! Not really but they did swoop in, and yep, the early bird got the fry, and they all flew away. They'd been staked out in a nearby bush just waiting for some human to drop a salty greasy french fry. Wish I'd had the video running. It was LOL hilarious.

August 29 ~ I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto. Somebody dropped a house on ... wait, those aren't ruby slippers. Oh yeah it's Neil in the hole, still working on getting our lopsided floor level. It's happening. A quarter of an inch at a time.

Our house was built in 1927. Somewhere along the decades, termites chewed their merry way through the original wood flooring in one spot, which has been covered up by particle board and carpet since forever until Neil started this project and discovered the damage. Now we understand why the entire living room floor was covered in particle board. It covered a multitude of old house imperfections and  general weirdness.

August 29 ~ stuck to the pavement in the Big O Donuts parking lot

August 31
"When summer gathers up her robes of glory, and like a dream of beauty glides away." -  Sarah Helen Power Whitman
So long, August. It's all downhill from here.