Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I should be over it now, I know. It doesn't matter much how old I grow. I hate to see October go. ~When October Goes, Johnny Mercer, Barry Manilow

October 1 ~ Day of the Dead skull in cookie form at Starbucks
October 1 ~ Grandson Knox enjoyed said cookie along with a frozen treat
October 1 ~ An early Autumn casualty from our red maple tree in the back yard ~ filtered through the Waterlogue app
October 1 ~ my oversized cheese grater candle holder sporting a cozy glow ~ filtered through the Waterlogue app
October 2 ~ pumpkins for sale at the local pumpkin store ~ I love the Waterlogue app
October 2 ~ heavenly October sunlight
October 2 ~ grandson Knox and grandpa Neil ~ PVC pipes make perfect swords for a duel
October 2 ~ Autumn leaves got off to a dull dry crunchy start ~ first half of October was toasty
October 3 ~ watercolored in Waterlogue
October 3 ~ hydrangeas Waterlogued

October 3 ~ sweet niece Julia celebrated her 20th
October 10 ~ Knox has a great time combining his modern Lego Ninjago toys with his grandpa's 1950's Army and cowboy action figures plus his mom's 1970's Little People ~ makes for an interesting mash up 
October 10 ~ pumpkins are my favorite October thing ~ I love playing with photo and art filters ~ this one is Distressed FX
October 10 ~ Fall Break ~ granddaughter Shelby and grandson Knox in artist mode ~ Knox wasn't supposed to see Shelby's drawing until she was finished with it ~ can you tell by the looks on their faces how that worked out?
October 10 ~ Fall Break ~ grandson Elijah chillin' ~ I think he stayed in this spot pretty much the whole day
October 10 ~ the sheep at the Museum of Appalachia Fall Homecoming earlier in the month ~ Waterlogue app
October 11 ~ hubby Neil at our usual Wednesday-night-before-Bible-class supper at Fazoli's (seriously, every Wednesday) ~ snapped this with Gudak camera app 
October 12 ~ Fall Break winding down ~ Shelby, Elijah, Knox, and Grandpa ~ lunch at Ocha ~ 
October 12 ~ Autumn color has been slow in coming this year
October 12 ~ another Gudak camera app shot ~ the app applies random filters when it 'develops' your 'film' 
October 15 ~ sun face garden ornament we've had forever ~ Waterlogue app strikes again
October 19 ~ Neil and I enjoyed lunch in Dogwood Park a couple of times this week ~ it was very sunny
October 19 ~ the fountain in Dogwood Park
October 19 ~ Knox got his very first report card ~ it was most excellent
October 19 ~ grandson Elijah practices flute while his sister photo bombs
October 20 ~ the fountain in Dogwood Park ~ had fun using Mextures on this one
October 20 ~ Knox hanging out with Scarecrow Jeff 
October 21 ~ Neil makes fun of how many napkins I use during a fast food meal compared to his measly one napkin ~ in my defense it was a personal pan pepperoni pizza and it was really greasy ~ and really how is it even possible that somebody would use only one napkin while eating a pizza?
October 21 ~ I do enjoy Halloween time ~ better than Christmas
October 23 ~ my Halloween spiders ~ fun stuff ~ found these at Hobby Lobby
October 23 ~ October is winding down and our trees are still mostly green
October 23 ~ there's nothing like a blue sky in October
October 25 ~ and there's nothing like a sunset in October ~ the best
October 26 ~ guess which pile of napkins is mine 
October 28 ~ granddaughter Shelby is on her high school swim team ~ they had their swim-a-thon fundraiser this past Saturday ~ how many laps can you swim (non-stop!) for a solid hour? ~ Shelby did 54 
October 28 ~ good job, Shelby!
October 28 ~ my sister Jane and daughter Holly hand out candy at our church's Trunk or Treat Saturday ~ that's Knox in his Transformer costume
October 28 ~ Holly and Jane wrapped up in blankets ~ it was COLD!

October 29 ~ Sunday sunset

October 30 ~ my baby sister Jane celebrated her 56th birthday today ~ her hubby Don made this Dr. Pepper cake and icing from scratch ~ it was totally delicious (I'm still buzzing from the sugar rush)

October 30 ~ great job, Don!

October 30 ~ party peeps ~ from left: Don, Neil, Jerry, birthday girl Jane, Holly, Shelby, and Elijah ~ it was a fun party ~ Happy Birthday, Jane, and many more!!

October 31 ~ Last day of my most favorite month was picture perfect

No guts. No glory.

Knox was reluctant to even touch the pumpkin guts but he finally gave it a try ~ It wasn't as bad as he thought it would be.

Knox told me what kind of face he wanted his little pumpkin to have ~ triangle eyes and nose and a round mouth

It's hard to carve a circle but it turned out okay ~ I always carve a traditional jack o'lantern face

Knox was Lego green ninja Lloyd (Ninjago)

Jane and Don are always a part of the Halloween tradition ~ wouldn't be the same without them ~ thanks for being here once again!

Lloyd and his friend Cruella de Vil (a.k.a. Addelin)

(Niece) Julia is also a faithful part of the Halloween tradition around here ~ so happy she came (and in costume) even though she needed to study for an important exam tomorrow (she's a Psych major at TTU)

Chili is a given on Halloween night

Jane and Julia enjoying the chili

Julia and Don enjoying the chili

Jane took this pic of me and said I should put it on my blog ~ so I did ~ thanks, Jane!

Holly enjoying the chili

Around the table from left: Don, Jane, Julia, Shelby, and Holly

I love Halloween traditions, especially this one ~ group shot of everyone who dressed in a costume ~ from left: Holly, Kelly, Julia, Knox, and Shelby

Sitting around after trick or treating and watching game six of the world series

We had lots of trick or treaters tonight ~ I gave out all the candy I'd bought plus some I already had

Knox digs in to his candy stash

Kerry finally got to grab a bowl of chili ~ Shelby and Julia kept him company while he ate

Elijah went trick or treating with his friends this year and came by the house after calling it a night ~ Jerry usually dresses as a wolf man but he wasn't feeling well ~ Elijah had taken off his costume before he got to the house ~ Jerry got him 'wired' back up so we could see him in it and take some pictures ...

.... His costume was so cool ~ wish I could post a video of him moving around in it ~

Stick Man and his dad

Wouldn't be a Halloween group shot without Elijah

Elijah got to enjoy some chili ~ Julia's in all the eating pictures ~ this just might be a new Halloween tradition ~ Neil and Knox also around the table ~ we definitely eat in shifts on Halloween night

The Kimbrough Family ~ Kelly, Kerry, and Knox

Another Halloween in the books ~ good times

Boo, y'all!
It all flew by so fast
I hate to see October go