Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas From The Mabry Clan!

From left in back: Kay and Neil Ranft, Ken Mabry, Kerry Kimbrough, Don and Jane Foy, Terry and Ann Sissom, Shaun and Evan Scantland
From left in middle: Kelly Kimbrough, Jerry and Holly Myers
From left in front: Sarah Foy, Knox Kimbrough, Shelby Myers, Julia Foy, Finn Scantland and Elijah Myers
Those of us who could make it enjoyed all the delicious soup, stew, and chili, and the yummy desserts and dip and Jerry's deer jerky. Played games, talked a lot, laughed a lot. And as always got really loud. 
Thanks to Kelly, Kerry, and Knox Kimbrough for hosting our Christmas gathering once again. 
Good food. Good times. Great family. 
Love you all!
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas from the Ranft and Myers and Kimbrough Families!

"May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope; 
The spirit of Christmas which is peace; 
The heart of Christmas which is love."
~Ada V. Hendricks 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love." ― Hamilton Wright Mabie

December 1 ~ Grandson Elijah was a sick puppy at the first of this month and missed some school
December 1 ~ Granddaughter Shelby did well in her swim team's swim meet ~ that's her swimming ahead of her competition in a relay race 
December 1 ~ she's always been a water baby
December 2 ~ Grandson Knox did a great job decorating his own little Christmas tree
December 3 ~ Ho!Ho!Ho! You'll shoot your eye out, kid!
December 4 ~
December 4 
December 5 ~ Elijah's Christmas band concert
December 8 ~ Shelby and Knox ~ creative buddies
December 9 ~ It snowed! For about 30 seconds
December 9 ~ O Christmas tree painted in Waterlogue app
December 13 ~ Knox made Christmas ornaments in his kindergarten class ~ he's holding his favorite
December 13 ~
December 13 ~ Nutcracker army
December 16 ~ Daughter Holly turned 39 ~
If cold December gave you birth—
The month of snow, and ice, and mirth—
Place on your hand a turquoise blue,
Success will bless whate'er you do.
~Author unknown, "A Gem for Every Month," c.1883
December 17 ~ Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus
December 19 ~ Window seat at Subway
December 20 ~ It ain't over 'til the fat man sings
December 21 ~ Christmas tree in the lobby of our credit union
December 21 ~ painted in Waterlogue app
The cold is coming.
December's winter solstice.
Start of the season.
~Robert Pettit, "Winter Solstice"
December 22 ~
A bare tree stands
with roots on both ends
in December days.
~Kiran Bantawa, "Bare Trees"
December 23 ~ Peppermint chocolate chip milkshake at Chick Fil A ~ 800+ calories with a cherry on top ~ one of my favorite December things ~ Neil had more self-control than me as you can see ~ that's great ~ but...vanilla?!
December 23 ~ Christmas in Dogwood Park ~ this tree puts on quite a Christmas musical light show after dark every hour (on the hour) for about 15 minutes
December 23 ~ I think Neil got a bigger kick out of watching the show than the kids did ~ that's Knox with a friend from school ~ they danced to the music ~ Neil did not

Of all the months of the year there is not a month one-half so welcome to the young, or so full of happy associations, as the last month of the year... ~"All the Year Round: December," All the Year Round: A Weekly Journal Conducted by Charles Dickens, 1887 December 10th

Thursday, December 7, 2017

For Today
December 7, 2017
I am once again participating in The Simple Woman's Daybook
created by Peggy Hostetler

Looking out my window...I see the reflection of our Christmas tree lights in the glass. It's 7:00P.M. and has been dark since the sun disappeared at 4:27P.M. this evening. 32 degrees right now and going down. Feels like winter.

I am thinking...we're at a loss as to what our kids and grandkids might want for Christmas this year. Usually, by now, they've all provided a wish list. Only 17 more days until we have our Christmas on the 24th. Is it panic time yet?

I am thankful...that we are abundantly blessed in so many ways and so much so that no one can think of anything they want or need.

One of my favorite things...this time of year is Christmas lights. I usually string them around a couple of rooms in the house, but only the tree is lit up right now.

I am creating...all sorts of artsy things in my imagination that never seem to become a reality. 

I am wearing...fleecy jammie pants, long sleeved T, and fuzzy socks that only see the light of day at this time of year.

I am watching...well, we just got done watching seasons 1 & 2 of Stranger Things

I am hoping...for some snow this winter. 

I am learning...this right here...

In my hubby is brewing coffee (he's sleepy, so caffeine). I love the fragrance of coffee. I enjoy smelling it more than I enjoy drinking it. 

In the school room...the grandpeeps are looking forward to Christmas break (although now it's called winter break because political correctness.)(Don't get me started) My son-in-law is finished with all his college classes, finals next week, and then he graduates!

In my garden...does the nine foot fake tree sitting in my living room qualify? No? Didn't think so. 

Board room...this one seems appropriate for this post today...
(link to this Pin on my Inspirational Board)

Post Script...check this out for answers to spiritual matters...lots of interesting articles.

Shared Quote...

A moment from my day...I'm a sunset junkie. True story.

Closing Notes...

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create one of your own, HERE is the link to the format, guidelines and complete list of prompts.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday, Knox!

Knox William Kimbrough celebrated his 6th birthday today.
Ninjago was his party theme with cupcakes from P-Dilly's, a local bakery.
The birthday boy with his dad Kerry and mom Kelly

The cupcakes were mostly for the grown-ups. Knox's birthday 'cake' was his fave, a giant butter twist from Ralph's Donut Shop.

He endured the Birthday Song (always awkward no matter whose birthday) ...
.... and blew out his number six candle.
Party Peeps
Excited to finally open his presents

He got some of all the things he enjoys--Legos, a Minecraft video game, books, and art supplies.

His cousin Finn (who will be 2 in February) just knew all those presents were for him, not Knox.

His cousin Shelby finished this super hero art project the two of them began several months ago and gave it to him for his birthday.

And that's a wrap--or unwrap. Another birthday in the books. Hard to believe he's already six!

Happy 6th Birthday, Knox!! Granny and Grandpa love you very much!!