Saturday, August 13, 2016


Woke up to sunshine and blue sky today ~ Woo Hoo!
Kelly soaking up some UV
Knox wanted to be buried in the sand first thing
Half Knox ~ he doesn't stay covered for long
Lots of sunshine but choppy sea ~ red flag has been flying pretty much all week 
Family Kimbrough takes on the waves
Knox's life vest comes in handy for lifting him above the surf
Daddy comes in handy, too
And so it begins ~ sand castle in the making
Rainbow around the sun (not a lens flare) ~ pretty cool although picture does not do it justice
We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day
Ever expanding ~ the sand castle grows
Jonathan Livingston
Kelly's new BFF ~ she shared her PBJ with Walter Pigeon
The gulls were jealous 'cause she shooed them away ~ turned their backs on her ~ that'll show her
Greetings from Destin ~ thanks for sharing the selfie, Neil
Urban  Beach sprawl ~ I'll bet the property taxes are astronomical
My little Canon PowerShot has various special effects and filters to play with ~ I think this was poster effect ~ Neil was the sole engineer/builder on this project although Knox did help at the first
Knox and Gull contemplating life in poster effect
Super vivid effect makes the sky and sea colors pop
Used toy camera effect here ....
.... gives it kind of a vintage feel or vignette ~ Neil still expanding his castle
Knox is racing with his shadow
Beach clouds
Miniature effect (really don't remember now but it sure was fun playing with these effects)
Fish eye ~ seems appropriate
Kerry and Knox in the waves ~ the water felt really good today ~ no seaweed (and no mangled jelly fish)
“To build refuges of my own making is to construct fortresses of sand at ocean’s edge, where the relentless tides of time will leave my most magnificently constructed walls as perfectly flat sand. And now that I am subject to the very tides that destroyed these walls of mine, I am left with the reality that my single and sole refuge can only be the God who created both tides and sand.” 
God blessed us with an amazing day of welcome sunshine in the sunshine state, but more storm/rain clouds loomed on the horizon
You know it's coming ~ you can see it building in the distance
Then the clouds turn black
Knox let the waves wash him ashore
Weather in Florida turns on a dime
The wind blew in (uprooting beach umbrellas and carrying them through the air faster than the beach setup guy could close them) and the rains came down
This was a couple of hours later after we had some supper ~ looked like a promising sunset, something we really haven't seen since we've been here this past week
The pink was eventually devoured by the gray as another storm rolled in
Here we go again ~ at 8:30-ish right now, there's a spectacular rain storm raging out there ~ lightning, thunder, the whole kaboom sheebang ~ 
Just another day in paradise ~ waiting to see what happens next

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  1. Well, I'm glad you got to enjoy some sunshine today! Hopefully tomorrow will be even better - with an actual clear sunset! Love the picture effects.