Sunday, August 14, 2016


God blessed us with another sunny day at the beach ~ even more beautiful than yesterday and totally storm/rain/black cloud free
Knox, Kerry, and Kelly enjoyed some pool time first ~ Kerry launches Knox into the water ~ this kid has become a water baby this summer ~ thanks for the picture, Kelly!
Knox and Grandpa started another project ~ the original idea was to build Noah's ark 
Beach clouds are the best
Kelly and Kerry nested in their circle of shade ~ today was hot and sunny and very windy ~ red flags were flying again
Collecting water for the project
He made several trips ~ serious business
Noah's ark or Noah's submarine/castle/thing?
Super vivid effect ~ sky reflecting in the waves
Supervising the project
Kelly using that life vest to lift Knox over the rough waves ~ Knox had a great time in the ocean 
The completed project ~ hard to categorize this ~ so you be the judge ~ the Titanic maybe?
Our beach chair neighbor became agitated with the gulls trying to steal her food ~ she ran back and forth, shooing them away, while I took pictures [I thought great! Maybe I can get some shots of gulls in flight]
This was the only decent shot I managed to snap ~ but the beach chair neighbor lady was pretty entertaining 
One last dip in the sea ~ thanks, Kelly, for the picture
Parting shot ~ Always hate to say goodbye to the beach ~ Hope to return again someday
Mellow Mushroom for our last supper ~ that's my Kozmic Karma ~ Delish! ~ Our server was a sweet and gracious young woman from Italy who spoke English beautifully in her Italian accent ~ here in America to earn some money ~ she's been here since May and is more than ready to go back home in two weeks ~ apparently Italians come here to study engineering or dentistry ~ she was into dentistry ~ also apparently American coffee is the pits ~ she was looking forward to Italian coffee ~ I enjoyed hearing her speak 
Destin Commons ~ Bass Pro shark ~ thanks for the selfie, Kelly!
Family Kimbrough and Jaws
Kelly and Knox racing around at the go-cart place across the street from Gulfgate ~ thanks for the picture, Kerry!
Here we are already at the end of our vacation ~ always flashes by, doesn't it? ~ Nothing left to do but pack it all up again and head north to Tennessee in the morning
Ciao, Destin!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Knox carrying water back for the sandcastle reminds me Julia doing that when she & Don would build sandcastles back in the day. So cute! Beach chair lady - ha!!! Looks like you all had a great last day on the beach. ❤️

  2. Thanks, Jane! Appreciate your comment as always.