Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Another awesome Destin seascape Tuesday morning ~ Overcast day, but that was OK ~ it's in the 80s here and humid, but with cloud-covered sun we couldn't complain
Grandson Knox and Grandpa Neil ~ Sand castle in the making
Son in law Kerry and Neil ~ Men at work
Daughter Kelly and Knox venture into the waves 
Kerry's sand castle village was pretty impressive when he got it done
Kerry and Kelly soaking up some cloud  sun
Roll and crash ~ big waves but yellow flag today ~ yesterday it was red
This cloud bank looks menacing but it wasn't ~ storms brewing though for mid-week
Kerry mentioned going on a dolphin cruise before we made this trip and Knox latched on to that idea and wouldn't let it go ~ so early in the afternoon, we booked a dolphin cruise and headed to the harbor ~ this pirate ship is so cool but it didn't have its sails up yet
Lucky shot
Knox looking for dolphins as we cruised out of the harbor
I had misgivings about getting on a boat that was headed out into the ocean for an hour and a half and facing those big waves. I've had motion sickness ever since I was born, couldn't ride in the backseat of a car without getting sick and throwing up. Kept telling myself I should buy some Dramamine but I never did. I wanted to go on this cruise and see some dolphins up close so I got on the boat and hoped for the best. 
Captain of the boat warned us we'd get wet ~ he was right
The wind and the ocean spray felt pretty good 
Group selfie [I was still smiling....]
Lots of people on board ~ our captain was fun and made the ride fun ~ wasn't long before someone spotted some dolphins
He sped up a bit and got the dolphins behind us so they could surf in our wake but I'm not sure anyone spotted dolphins doing that
Snapped a lot of pictures and got a few nice ones that weren't just fins and tails ~ this is the only picture I got of one jumping out of the water [lots of cropping on this one]
A partial body shot ~ by the time I snapped the pictures they were already back under
Tail fin
Another partial body shot ~ dolphins are fast and unpredictable
This was my best shot on the cruise 
I did great during the first half of the trip ~ having fun ~ then we stopped out in the ocean ~ that's when the rocking of the boat on those waves, the smell of diesel fuel, and the loud music the captain was playing finally hit me really hard ~ I got overwhelmed by major seasickness, the kind where you have to put your head between your legs ~ long story short -- I tossed my Cheerios over the rail and into the ocean [twice] By then we were turned around and headed back at full speed so the cold ocean spray felt good ~ the lady sitting behind us saw me doubled over and gave Neil some Dramamine to give to me. [I've noticed that the word 'Dramamine' can be divided into two words: Drama Mine ~ Neil assured me no one saw me hurl which was a good thing but I really didn't care who saw me as long as it didn't fly back all over someone behind me ~ drama was all mine] The pill helped me, but I rode the whole way back to the harbor doubled over my lap and staring at the floor of the boat while Neil helped brace me from the sway. But, hey, I got to see some cool dolphins put on a show. I'm glad for the opportunity to do this but it's not something I'd ever do again.
While I was bent over staring at the non-moving floor of the boat, Knox got to take the wheel and 'steer' the boat ~ how cool is that! Thanks for sharing your picture, Kelly!
Later back on the beach Knox asked Grandpa to bury him in the sand ~ thanks for the picture, Kelly!
Neil and Knox waded into the water to rinse off the sand
They sat there letting the waves wash around them
This is what you look like when a wave knocks you over and you can't get up ~ he had a ton of sand in his swim trunks
The waves started depositing jelly fish all over the place
Postcard from Destin
I could take pictures of the breakers all day long
Love late afternoon when the water turns silver
Love the light on the waves and the wet sand
Knox picking a shell out of the sand ~ either that or out of somebody's shadow ear
Kerry wanted to see if one of those tiny sea shell creatures would bury itself in the sand in the palm of his hand ~ it wouldn't
Some of the jelly fish abandoned on the shore were pretty large like this one and had been torn up in the waves ~ I've never seen one like this before on this beach
Neil flipped this one over to get a look at its underside ~ really gross ~ and let's say I'm not the only one who tossed their Cheerios today [I won't name names--yes I will--it was Kerry--this simply grossed him out--he was grossed out to begin with when I touched one]
Silver streak
the Family Kimbrough
Neil and me ~ smiling again and feeling better
Mellow Mushroom for supper ~ half cheese for Knox, half Kosmic Karma for me and house special  for the meat eaters ~ really good!
Dessert ~ on the way to the beach Monday, Kelly and Kerry and Knox stopped at Peach Park where they sell everything peach, like this fried peach pie which they shared with Neil and me ~ it was totally yummy
I had to show you the sink in the bathroom Neil and I use ~ it's copper embossed with fishies ~ fancy shmancy, yes? It's so pretty I almost hate to spit in it.
Good times!

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  1. So sorry you got sick on the dolphin cruise! 😔 Should have taken that Dramamine. So glad the weather is not a total wash out. Tell Kerry he's a weenie! 😂😂😂