Friday, March 18, 2016


 Grandson Knox will be playing Pee Wee T Ball this season, his first time on the diamond. Practice starts next week. 
 Grandpa gave him some batting lessons this afternoon. It's important to have the right stance.
 Grandson Elijah gave his cousin Knox pointers on how to hold the bat. Elijah is an old pro, playing since he was about five.
 Line those feet up next to the plate and angle your body just so
 Swing straight and not down
 I think he's got it! Knox says when he plays, he'll hit a home run. Can't wait to see it.
 Grandpa gave Elijah some pitching tips ~ he should have played in the major leagues (or maybe kid's pitch?)
Happy dancing because it's almost spring and they'll be out on the ball field soon.
Happy TGIF, everyone! Happy Dance!

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