Sunday, March 27, 2016

“Easter. The only time it's okay to put all of your eggs in one basket!” ― Author Unknown

Shelby, Elijah, Knox
Shelby, Elijah, Jerry, and Holly
Kelly and Knox
Happy Easter from the Ranft/Myers/Kimbrough Families!
Sweet Easter Peeps ~ hamming it up
Sarah and Julia shared their beautiful Easter eggs with everyone
Knox ~ found his prize egg first
Elijah~ second to find his prize egg
Shelby ~ third to find hers 
Julia ~ fourth to find her egg
Sarah ~ found it ~ last but never least ~ V for Victory
Neil hid them well as usual

“The gifts of the Master are these: freedom, life, hope, new direction, transformation, and intimacy with God. If the cross was the end of the story, we would have no hope. But the cross isn't the end. Jesus didn't escape from death; he conquered it and opened the way to heaven for all who will dare to believe. The truth of this moment, if we let it sweep over us, is stunning. It means Jesus really is who he claimed to be, we are really as lost as he said we are, and he really is the only way for us to intimately and spiritually connect with God again.” 
― Steven JamesStory

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