Friday, September 11, 2015

COUGAR RUN ~ Elijah's Last One

Capshaw Cougar Run is the elementary school's only fundraiser for the year. All the kids dress in cool Cougar T-shirts with the school colors, blue and orange, and run or walk laps for about forty minutes.  Anyone can pledge a lump sum donation or pay a certain amount for each lap the student runs. 
The weather was perfect
Elijah is in fourth grade, his last year of elementary school at Capshaw. This is his last Cougar Run.
Elijah's Aunt Kelly and his mom Holly are Capshaw Kids/Cougars from way back in the 1980's. Holly is wearing her vintage Capshaw Cougar T-shirt.
Past, present and future Capshaw Kids ~ Holly, Elijah and Knox
Elijah's cousin Knox is a future Capshaw Kid and enjoyed running some laps with Holly and Elijah
The final run. The last lap. 
He ran/walked a total of 21 laps. I think that's a new record. Way to go, Elijah!
Elijah said it made him sad running his last Cougar Run today. Me, too. It's been fun watching him do this each year. End of an era ~ until Knox starts school in a few short years. 
Below are snapshots of past Cougar Runs starting with Elijah's first run in kindergarten and ending with his fourth grade final run today. Good job!



  1. So fun to watch him grow up right before my eyes in those pics! Great fun/memories! Can't wait to see Knox's time in the Cougar Run.

    1. His growing up has been about that fast. Blink of an eye!