Saturday, April 18, 2015


We went to a TTU men's baseball game this afternoon. Attending a college baseball game is a first for us. Grandson Elijah, who plays coach's pitch baseball, has been practicing with one of the assistant baseball coaches at Tech and was interested in seeing the big boys play ball. It was the second game in a double header today with the Murray State Racers and didn't start until four. It was summertime hot today. We were grateful for those clouds that moved in over the sun. 
They had a great turnout, pretty crowded, and we ended up sitting on the Murray side. We found it amusing that 90% of the people there were female. Maybe the guys on the team have lots and lots of lady friends. Here's our bunch from left: grandson Knox, hubby Neil, grandson Elijah and his friend Anthony, who brought their gloves just in case a stray ball came flying their way, daughter Holly and granddaughter Shelby. (Photo by daughter Kelly. Thanks for sharing!)
We didn't make it into the group shot, so Kelly took this selfie of the two of us. (Thanks for sharing the pic, Kelly!)
The first inning was fun to watch. Tech got off to a great start. Their player #11 popped a beautiful home run over the right field wall. Murray rallied, hitting a couple of their own home runs which made it a game. But not being baseball junkies, we soon realized and remembered that, yes, baseball moves at a snail's pace, which is simply the nature of the game, and it might be more fun watching paint dry, so we left after the end of the 6th inning, two hours later. Tech was still ahead at that point, and they did win the game, 12-7. They won all three of their games this weekend. Yay, Eagles! (Thanks for this picture, Kelly!) Good times with family. Hope your ever lovin' Saturday was a home run, too!


  1. Fun times! I remember when Don & I lived on Franklin Ave., we walked to the ball field to watch a game one time. (Can you imagine Don walking that far?) :) Love the selfie of you and Kelly - you look like a kid!

  2. It was fun. And yes I have a hard time picturing Don walking that far, at least these days 😆 I look like a kid?? You must be referring to Kelly, but thanks anyway 😉