Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thrilled To Be Thirteen! Happy Birthday, Shelby!

Granddaughter Shelby turned 13 years old on Friday, July 18. She’s been looking forward to this day probably from the moment she turned 12 last year. It’s an exciting time for her, to say the least.
Today her family helped her celebrate this major milestone in her life with a birthday party at her house.
Her dad always lights her birthday candles.
We sang the Birthday Song and she blew them all out at once with some encouragement from her brother Elijah.
She served up yummy homemade punch.
Shelby made her own birthday cake this year ~ a red and blue Jell-O cake with whipped cream frosting. It was delicious!
She enjoyed opening her gifts. One of the things she requested was markers. She loves to make art.
She also received some stylin’ clothes from her Mimi and Papa Myers. And even got a gift of money from her brother from his own stash. She also got money from her great aunts, uncles, and cousins.
She didn’t expect to get a cardboard playhouse that she can decorate. This present cracked her up. Her grandpa couldn’t resist getting her one because she enjoys hanging out inside of her cousin Knox’s cardboard playhouse when she’s at his house. She mentioned that she’d like to have one for herself (better be careful what you wish for).
A girl can never have too many colors of nail polish ~ a gift from Aunt Kelly.
The great thing about a summer birthday is a giant water slide, and thanks to a generous mom and dad, this has become a birthday party tradition for both Shelby and Elijah.
All the kids (and big kid Holly) had a blast on this thing, especially since the rain finally stopped and the sun came out. More birthday fun than pint sized peeps should be allowed to have. What a fun party! It was great fun watching Shelby celebrate her 13th!
This is Shelby’s artwork on her bedroom door she created in honor of her own special day. She worked on this for days. I think it’s awesome. Shelby is an awesome young lady ~ a teenager! How can that possibly be?! Her grandpa and I love this sweet girl to pieces ~ so blessed to have her in our lives. Happy 13th Birthday, Shelby!! Hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true!

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