Thursday, April 17, 2014


Grandson Elijah and his 2nd grade class enjoyed their Easter egg hunt this afternoon. His school is in the middle of our neighborhood, so there were egg hunts going on in yards all around us today. Neil and I usually host our grandkids’ egg hunts, but this year our back yard is still a disaster zone from Neil tearing down his shed. So Elijah’s Aunt Kelly let them use her yard for their party.
Daughter Holly [Elijah’s mom] has been organizing her kids’ class egg hunts for years and years now. She’s very good at it and always makes it special for the kids. These cupcakes were a big hit. And her chocolate covered strawberries were totally awesome. [I think the parents enjoyed the strawberries more than the kids did.]
Snack time!
Baskets of eggselent goodies
The kids had a great time playing games like egg toss ~ harder than it seems. You can see another egg hunt going on in the yard next door. The Easter egg hunt may be their most fun party of the whole school year.
We treated them to ice cream after granddaughter Shelby got out of school. They enjoyed their milk shakes at Cream City Ice Cream Shop.
Grandson Knox and his mom were back in town from their trip to visit friends the past several days. He’s been hit hard with allergy symptoms today, but that didn’t keep him from wanting to play outside on the trampoline.
He jumped around for a while with Grandpa, and then sat down and started putting all sorts of tree debris from the trampoline in my hand which was great fun for him. [I like this picture of his little hand in my hand ~ sweet.]
We don’t need no stinkin’ toys! Love these good times in the sunshine with my peeps!

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