Thursday, February 13, 2014

With luck, it might even snow for us. ~Haruki Murakami, After Dark

No Snow Snow Day! Blue sky. Sunshine. 42 degrees. School is out [I don’t pretend to know why]. Grand peeps Shelby and Elijah are hanging out with their Aunt Kelly, Uncle Kerry and Cousin Knox today. We all met at Steak’n’Shake for lunch. Kelly had coupons! Neil ordered this monster hot dog with relish and hot peppers and other stuff all over it. He claims it was good.
Grand daughter Shelby had chicken fingers/strips and grandson Knox enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich, although what he really wanted was ice cream.
Son in law Kerry ate half his dark chocolate shake before his burger and fries made it to the table.
Hey, Kelly, put down that phone and eat your lunch!
Grandson Elijah has decided that he’s going to be brave and try new things when it comes to food ~ such as this steak burger with cheese, bacon, and a fried egg on top. He actually ate that thing. At first, he wanted to try a burger that had jalapeno peppers on it. We talked him out of it for obvious reasons ~ hot peppers are hot! Then his grandpa offered him a jalapeno pepper off of his hot dog and told him to take just a tiny bite. Much to everyone’s surprise and horror, Elijah popped the whole pepper into his mouth and started to chew. He was OK at first and then his eyes started to water and his cheeks turned a flaming red. He couldn't get to his cold drink fast enough. Laughed at him until we cried. I love these snow days with my peeps! It’s all good.


  1. I've never seen cheeks turn red like that before!! Classic!!!

  2. Funny! Kelly was telling us about that tonight. (We crashed her house to watch American Idol because our electricity went out after someone crashed into a pole on Kenway St.)

  3. Hey, Jane, hope you guys are plugged in again!