Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One of the very best reasons for having children is to be reminded of the incomparable joys of a snow day. ~Susan Orlean

Snow day! If snow had actually fallen today, I would have shared a picture of it with you. These days, even the hint of coming snow will net the kids an automatic snow day. My grand peeps spent the day with me. We were lazy bums, of course. After lunch, we headed to Ralph’s Donut Shop and loaded up on sweet treats ~ a must for a snow day. Who needs snow when you’ve got sprinkles? There might be snow tomorrow. School is closed. Better safe than sorry.


  1. I can't believe they're out again Thursday!
    I may have to sneak into the kitchen and eat Knox's other sprinkle donut ;)

  2. While I wish we had some snow here, we are lucky to have Monterey in Putnam Co. Seems that extra 16 miles uphill got them 2" of snow Wednesday night. We can always count on Monterey to get us out of school. :) "Snow days" are always weird without snow, but I'll take 'em! I'll take the cream filled donut, please. :)