Friday, July 28, 2017

WISH YOU WERE HERE ~ Picture Postcards From Florida ~ Part 4

'Our memories of the ocean will linger on long after our footprints in the sand are gone.'
(Corny but true)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Breakfast with a killer view ~ Shelby on deck

The guys went back to the arcade this morning ~ Elijah didn't fare too well yesterday winning tickets ~ He made up for the deficit today ~ check it out ~ 7000+ tickets ~ winner winner chicken dinner

We've been blessed with awesome weather during our stay here ~ there was only part of one day that we got rained out

The water was choppy this morning

By this afternoon, the waves were in the mood to chew you up and spit you out ~ true story

The sea was pretty rough ~ the waves slammed into the shore and spread rivers under our chairs all afternoon, washing away flip flops and whatever else that got left sitting in the sand
The sand was too wet to build a sand castle ~ the only dry sand was way behind the chairs up toward the condo ~ But can't really complain ~ It's the beach ~ It was fun 
Blogger Kay ~ Does this picture make me look blurry? ~ pic courtesy of Neil

The last supper, so to speak ~ We'd never eaten at a Whataburger before and now we have ~ The burgers are huge, as in Wow! What a burger! Really good

Stopped by Destin Commons one last time ~ You have to have your picture made with the Bass Pro shark ~ It's a law

Jaws ~ looks like he's drooling

Kerry and Knox enjoyed ice cream ~ Knox has that sugar-glazed stare going on

That time we went to Starbucks ~again~ and gave the barista fake names ~ hilarious, I know

Kelly forgot to join in the hilarity

Back to our home away from home one last time
Packing it up
Heading home in the morning
I think we're ready to go
Even if school starts in four days
And it's back to reality
We had a great time here
We always do
So long, Destin
Hope to see you again sometime

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  1. Great post! So glad you had good weather! Also glad Elijah got some tickets! :) Love your fake Starbucks names, Monica! HA! Chandler, Billy & Allison - hilarious! Enjoy the memories!