Saturday, July 22, 2017

WISH YOU WERE HERE ~ Picture Postcards From Florida

Don’t grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach. 
~Michelle Held

Friday, July 21, 2017
Grandpeeps Elijah and Shelby at our fave place to stay at the beach
Elijah, Shelby, and Neil and our fave view

One of our fave places to eat
Mahi Mahi
Crab Legs!!! I shared a few
Salad for Neil and shrimp for Shelby 

Do Not Disturb ~ he's on vacation
Sunset swimming
Little Mermaid Shelby

Saturday, July 22, 2017
The warm water of the Gulf of Mexico doesn't get any better than this
We had our little plot of beach real estate pretty much to ourselves this morning. (Transition day, people leaving.  And the people coming in would be late in the afternoon check-ins, so not so many here at this point.) The water was calm. Added bonus: no seaweed! 
Elijah says Hi!
Beach Boys grandsons Knox and Elijah

Early afternoon. Somebody was snoring ....
Beach clouds are the best clouds

World's Largest Sand Dollar
Early supper at another one of our fave places to eat ~ Mellow Mushroom
Kosmic Karma ~ I'm the only one who loves this one ~ more for me!
Peeps Kelly, Knox, and Kerry
Jerry Garcia always hangs out at the Mellow Mushroom no matter where you go ~ I'll bet he likes the Kosmic Karma
"Nothing left to do but smile." ~JG
"So grateful not to be dead." ~KR
Daughter Kelly thought it would be funny to send this picture to her sister Holly ~ Holly was not amused 😂 ~ She knows we're kidding. They're both mom's favorite, of course.
Night Life ....
.... and a killer sunset

Sunset swimming revisited
Water Babies
Neil and Elijah made a Walmart run for supplies (as did the rest of the tourists here apparently~Neil said it was crazy. All those incoming check-ins I mentioned earlier.)
They also hit Krispy Kreme. Neil said those doughnuts you see there being slathered in glaze came right off the line and into the two boxes they brought home. Oh yummy!
Get in my belly!
I ate two while they were still hot. No regrets.
We came all the way to Florida for these doughnuts.
We finally got our own Krispy Kreme doughnut shop where we live about a year ago, but we never go there. I guess because we have two really good local doughnut shops we enjoy. 
Never fails, though, that when we have the opportunity to visit Destin, we always have to have a box or two of Krispy Kremes. It's a beachy tradition. 


  1. Great pictures! And that was just the weekend! Glad the weather is great & the donuts are hot! Loved you & Jerry Garcia. 😂Enjoy your week! ❤️