Sunday, May 14, 2017


“Sopping, and with no sign of stopping, either- then a breather. Warm again, storm again- what is the norm, again? It's fine, it's not, it's suddenly hot: Boom, crash, lightning flash!” 
― Old Farmer's Almanac

A sure sign this little boy is having fun ~ Grandson Knox at his cousin's baseball game
the barefoot artist
Some of us (me) like a little coffee with their (my) creamer
Pretty clouds
Pretty clouds through a dirty windshield
Grandson Knox (in the red shirt) and three of his Mother's Day Out classmates earned the title of Bible Memory Master this year ~ our minister announced their accomplishments before worship service on a recent Sunday ~ the list of Bible memory work is on the screen above them ~ these four and five year olds amaze me
Grandson Elijah's 5th grade spring band concert
Elijah plays flute ~ they all did a great job and improved so much since their concert in December
Granddaughter Shelby and her cosmetology class visited a school of cosmetology ~ Shelby got her hair done ~ so pretty!
Daughter Kelly joined the band at a local Mexican restaurant that was decked out for Cinco de Mayo ~ we were there the day before on Star Wars Day ~ May (the) Fourth (be with you)
Enjoyed the high school's production of Phantom of the Opera ~ this is the only time I've ever seen the play but I've heard that this amateur production rivaled any professional production ~ the talent at this school is impressive ~ who knew there were opera singers in high school?!
Congratulations to my niece Sarah who graduated summa cum laude from TTU last Saturday
Here's your sign ~ and yes please
JACOC church building foyer last Sunday
Grandson Elijah's 5th grade classes studied the different decades this past week at school and got to dress up to represent each decade ~ the first picture is the Fifties (greaser), the second picture is the Sixties (hippie), and the picture below is the Nineties (grunge)~ I don't have pics of his outfits for Seventies and Eighties (please send them Holly) Elijah had a good time putting his outfits together ~ he said his were the "most extreme" 

Lots of baseball games in May ~ Elijah plays third base for his team Game 7 and sometimes pitches

E at bat

Grandson Knox at bat playing T Ball

A little dab'll do ya ~ (I think you have to be over the age of 50 to get that reference)


Shelby's cosmetology class group project ~ Disney-character-inspired make up, hairstyle, and outfit ~  Tinker Bell! ~ all she needed were wings and some pixie dust

Day lilies blooming in our yard

Lovely Shelby

Shelby and mom Holly ~ ready to head home after work

Knox is loving his tree swing

 Lilies ~ looking forward to the beautiful pink blooms

The kids in the back yard this afternoon ~ a little baseball training ~ (hubby Neil is the big kid on the left)

"Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun."
- Kahlil Gibran

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