Monday, December 26, 2016


A Christmas Day tradition ~ Mabry Clan (those of us who could make it this year) got together at the Kimbrough home to enjoy some food, family, and fun. Jane was ready for some yummy goodies.
Sarah could not contain her joy
Julia just wanted a slice of chocolate pie
Good stuff to stuff our faces 
Peeps around the table ~ at the table on the left: Terry, Don, Kelly, Jane, Julia, Sarah, and Ann ~ at the table on the right: Neil, Ken, Evan, Finn, Shaun, and Knox

The Scantland family ~ Evan, Finn, and Shaun
Finn is 10 months old now
His momma couldn't shovel it in fast enough for this kid. He LOVED the delicious stew/soup that Ann made.
Peek-a-boo ~ He'll be walking soon
After dinner walk around the neighborhood ~ the weather today was awesome with temperatures in the seventies ~ 

We were treated to a gorgeous sunset on the way back to the house
Picture can't do it justice
Great weather for porch sitting
The Myers family came in later and brought more yummy goodies
Mabry Clan group shot
From back left: Neil, moi, Ann, Terry, Ken, Holly, Don, Jerry, Elijah, Shaun, Even, and Kerry
Front row from left: Sarah, Jane, Shelby, Julia, Finn, Knox, and Kelly
We were missing some of the family today, but thankful for those of us who could get together on Christmas Day and enjoy each other's company and food, conversation and a lot of laughs.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. 'Twas a wonderful day!!! Thanks everyone for bringing food and goodies!!!! Merry Christmas!!