Saturday, September 17, 2016


The show opened with the national anthem and the Army Golden Knights
Army Golden Knights parachute team (I accidentally changed the color setting on my camera but it made for some dramatic shots)
Coming in for a landing
Hubby Neil, who loves to fly RC planes, was in hog heaven with all the various planes on display. Grandson Knox thought they were pretty cool, too.
Grandson Knox got to sit in an Army helicopter
He got to "suit up"
Ready to fly
And maybe shoot at the enemy ~ right up his alley, fighting the bad guys
Army? Marines? Jet? I'm a girl. What do I know?
Red Thunder air show team

The ground crew ~ Neil, son in law Jerry, grandson Elijah, Elijah's cousin Matthew, grandson Knox, and daughter Kelly
This aerobatics pilot would shoot straight up ...
... and straight back down ...
... and circle around ...
... then do it all over again

Flyboys ~ Matthew, Elijah, Knox
The finale was the Army Golden Knights Parachute Team

They all made it safely back to Earth with pinpoint landings
Army Golden Knights ~ from all over the country ~ they're called modern day paratroopers
and put on a great show
A shaky selfie ~ we were grateful for the (bumpy) shuttle ride back to the parking lot (which was far far away from the airfield)
Good times at the airshow!


  1. It was a great day!!! Nice shots!!!

  2. Thanks! Yours were better!! It was a fun day except for the waffles ��