Monday, July 25, 2016

First Day Of School--Sort of ...

Grandpeeps Elijah and Shelby started school today with a 10:00 dismissal--two hours to have a look around, figure out where their classes are and if they share any classes with friends, and maybe meet a teacher or two. 
Shelby was already familiar with the high school so she was ready to leave by 8:30. Her day was "meh". She'll let you know how it goes by the end of the week.
Elijah, on the other hand, just out of elementary school, was in a whole new world at his middle school. What are my classes? Where are my classes? Who are my teachers? And please let there be a familiar face to share in my confusion.
His first impression of middle school: It's awesome! My teachers are awesome! I like it better than elementary school!
Shelby told him that would most likely change. She should know.
For now, he's happy with the new situation. He'll be in band (maybe we'll have another band geek in the family at last). He's excited about a class called Principles of Design and Technology. Best of all, his science teacher has a hamster as a class pet. 
School is in session. Off tomorrow. Wednesday they dig in.
So ... is it Fall Break yet??
Stay tuned.

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