Saturday, February 13, 2016


02/01/16  Elijah demonstrated how to make chocolate chip cookies for 4-H. This one's mine. It was delicious.
02/03/16  Afternoon birthday sky
02/03/16  #63
02/03/16  Birthday Party People from Left: Don, Sarah, Holly, Kerry, Jane, Shelby, Julia, Knox, Kelly and Neil
02/04/16  Keeping us warm this winter ~ Neil did a fabulous job restoring this old mantel
02/05/16  Winter sunsets are awesome
02/06/16  Devo before Vision Basketball game ~ Elijah's first game with the big boys
02/06/16  Winter sunsets are awesome, but I repeat myself
02/06/16  Oh those yummy Valentine cookies from Ralph's
02/07/16  Sunday brunch at Grandma's Pancake House
02/08/16  Snow Day ~ Picking up the Peeps at 1:30 ~ much rejoicing ~ they haven't been back to school since
02/09/16  Red Bird in the snow
02/09/16  Hooked on icicles ~ one of the best things about snow days
02/09/16  Love to watch the snow fall
02/09/16  Used my questionable Photoshop skills to point out the tiny heart-shaped snowflake ~ hope you can see it, too
02/09/16  My true love sent to me ....
.... eight turtle doves (can't see the eighth one but he was there) ~ not sure what a turtle dove is, but these doves were hanging out on my back porch, trying to warm their tiny bird feet ~ can't say that I blame them
02/09/16  The wind blew down our flag along with its holder ~ snow blew in all over the front porch, including the flag ~ oops
I enjoy keeping a blog of everyday stuff ~ it makes a nice journal of sorts to look back on now and then ~ but I've been a blogger slacker this month
Halfway through February ~ time is flying and I can't catch it


  1. Great February randomness! Time is certainly flying by! I enjoy looking at these captured moments.

    1. Thanks, Jane! Glad you enjoy the pics :)