Saturday, January 23, 2016


So where is the first place you head to after you dig your truck out of the snow bank in the driveway?
You head to the nearest donut shop, of course, which for us happens to be Big O Donuts. O is for OPEN 24/7. The roads may be a slick mess, but they were not lacking for customers. And of course we were willing to risk life and limb for a sweet treat. Two boxes. Not much of a wait.
Heading toward the town square from Big O ~ more cars on the road than you might think ~ cabin fever, I guess. We just wanted donuts.
No, the town isn't sliding off the map. Yet anyway. Caught a quick pic of a side road one street over from Broad Street off the square. You could slip slide away right here.
Courthouse looking all pretty in the snow
Our street is clearer than some others in town. Since Big O is a hop skip jump from our house, we weren't skittish about getting out and about. Especially when you need a donut fix. 
Neil has forged a path from the driveway to the back door of the house. He shoveled a couple of paths in the driveway to the street and cleaned off the truck and car. The snow is shin deep at least.
Worth risking life and limb on the slippery streets? You bet. This is box number one.
Box number two was reserved for Neil's apple fritter because as you can see it took up the whole box.  
He can afford to eat sweets because he shoveled snow today. And no he did not eat this whole thing. Yet.
I, on the other hand, was a total slug today and cannot afford to eat sweets, but I did anyway. Coffee and an apple fritter bite for me. Bought four of these and ate two. Because they're small. And they are so good. Also, when you risk life and limb, you have to eat the fritter.
You know I had to share more snow pics
And icicle pics
And birds feeding in the snow pics
And more icicle pics ~ they fascinate me and they're beautiful 
And more snow pics
This afternoon the sun popped through the clouds as it was setting and made the sky pink 
A warm sight for sore eyes maybe growing a little weary of looking at snow
Happy Saturday everyone! Don't get out on the roads unless you have to. You know, like for donuts or something.


  1. Don said he saw Neil cleaning off the truck as he dropped Julia off for sledding with friends. We're all getting a little stir crazy - especially Julia. I'm sitting around doing nothing but eating stuff that's bad for me. Not being productive at all! :) Love your pics!

    1. I intended to be productive today but never did get there :) Thanks for loving my pics. I appreciate your saying so.

  2. Glad you got out for a sweet treat! Donuts look AMAZING!!!!

    1. We needed to check on your kitties anyway, so we drove down to your house and then headed over to Big O. Not only do the donuts look amazing, they taste amazing, too :)