Wednesday, December 16, 2015


December 16, 1978 was a night much like tonight ~ rainy and warm. Neil and I headed to the hospital around 8PM, more than ready to have child number two and thankful this kiddo, like our first one, decided to arrive two weeks early ~ nine days before Christmas instead of New Year's Eve eve. At 10PM out popped this tiny girl ~yay! another girl!~and the first thing I noticed about her was the blond hair. Back then, it was a four day hospital stay. Imagine that. And for four days, this cute blond kid didn't have a name. Can't remember if we were undecided or just couldn't agree, but before we left the hospital, we had finally settled on Holly Elizabeth. She was our almost-Christmas baby, so the name Holly seemed appropriate, yes? And we did carry her home in a red Christmas stocking provided by the nurses in obstetrics. In the twinkle of an eye, we flashed forward and we're here this evening, celebrating her 37th (!) birthday. Happy Birthday, Holly! You are a blessing to us, and we wish you all the best of everything today and always. We love you so very very much!


  1. It was a grand evening! Happy Birthday, Holly! 😘

    1. It was a Holly jolly birthday indeed :)