Thursday, June 11, 2015

LEAP OF FAITH (God will build my water wings on the way down)

Grandson Elijah and his BFF Anthony hung out with me yesterday (June 10). They played video games all morning, but what they really wanted to do was get wet on a hot (almost) summer day. They had never been to the Community Pool and wanted to try it out. First thing Elijah asked was does it have a diving board? He was excited that it not only had a low dive but also a high dive. Here he is jumping off the low dive--into water 14 feet deep, a lot deeper than what he's used to at Echo Valley, where he usually goes swimming. He's 8 and has always been a little fish. When he climbed out of the pool after his first jump, he said, "It's really deep!" 

He was itching to go off the high dive, but it took him a while to gather his courage.

No fear. I'd have to be dragged up there and thrown overboard, kicking and screaming. 

And off he flies and plunges into the deep blue water.

Splashdown! He'd already disappeared underneath the water before I could snap another picture. Must have been great fun, because he kept going back for more the rest of the afternoon. Anthony eventually joined him but opted for the low dive only. Wise choice, in my opinion.

A nice lady offered them the rest of her pizzas (and a stack of paper plates and napkins) as she was leaving. Of course these two bottomless pits readily took them off her hands. After all, anybody would be an idiot to turn down free Papa John's pizza (and breadsticks). Hard to beat hot summer fun in the cool pool with your best buddy.


  1. How fun!! When I first saw the pictures, I thought it was Park View, but I knew that wasn't possible. :) Glad the guys had fun! Did you get in the pool?

    1. I was content to sit on the sidelines in my camp chair and read a book (well, e-book). There's only one shade tree over there. I was lucky to find a shady spot but couldn't always see the boys so I was grateful for the lifeguards who kept a close eye on everyone in the pool and on the diving boards. There was one lifeguard who was always blowing his whistle and shaming anyone who broke the rules :) The lifeguards at Echo Valley always seemed a bit oblivious.

  2. I bet they had a blast!! Closer than Echo which is nice :). We'll have to try it out :)