Saturday, May 30, 2015


This was March 22 [2015]. Beautiful morning sky over church of Christ that meets at Jefferson Avenue just before nine o'clock Sunday school. Cell phone camera pic almost captured the awesomeness.
 April 16 [2015]  Grandson Knox enjoying a snack sized bag of Skittles. You know they're delicious when they make your dimple pop out.
 April 19 [2015] I'm a cloud junkie. Can't resist taking pictures of clouds. View from church parking lot on Jefferson. 
 April 20 [2015] Stormy weather looking north on Jefferson Avenue. We've had lots of rainy days in April and May.
 April 25 [2015] I heart clouds!
 May 12 [2015] Math homework has been the bane of both Elijah's and my life this past school year. My number one pet peeve these days is common core, especially math. 
May 12 [2015] This is a common core multiplication problem using the "sticks and X's" method (or whatever) It makes my head want to explode. All I could do to help him was show him the way I learned how to multiply. For the sake of future generations, I pray the powers that be change teaching/learning back to the way it used to be. Life is hard enough without having to deal with this insanity. 
 April 29 [2015] Sky view over my backyard
 May 8 [2015] Hiding in plain sight. Well, almost. Candy filled Easter egg went undetected for over a month after the egg hunt in the back yard. Just happened to look down and there it was, still waiting. Waste of good candy. Bummer. This happens every year. So far I've found only three.
 May 8 [2015] Cousins Knox and Elijah looking at the book Elijah bought for Knox at the Capshaw book fair. 
 May 20 [2015] A very blurry pic of my bro-in-law Don blowing out his most recent birthday candles. Jane made the yummy Jell-O cake.
 May 20 [2015] This Day And Age: A Still Shot. Cousins sharing giggle-worthy stuff on the Net
 May 21 [2015] 55 degrees. End of May. Wow.
 May 22 [2015] The Sno Shack opened this month just off the town square, and on this day, the place was jam packed after school. Cousins enjoying the frozen yummy goodness. This place has any flavor you can possibly imagine -- such as Dill Pickle and Road Kill.
 May 23 [2015] Knox's Mother's Day Out art on display. He created some very cool handprint pictures.
 May 25 [2015] Chick Fil A peach milkshake -- Summer in a cup with a cherry on top.
 April 6 [2015] Elijah on the path to Granny's house on another rainy Spring day
 April 16 [2015] Granddaughter Shelby chillin' on the back porch swing after school
 May 8 [2015] Knox was proud of his Mother's Day Out scrapbook. He had a great time in school this year.
 May 8 [2015] Elijah surprised me with this pretty votive he made out of a baby food jar and colorful tissue paper. He gave it to me the Friday before Mother's Day, and I kept asking him, You made this for me, not your mom, are you sure? He assured me that he had made it for me. Sweet!
 May 8 [2015] My pretty votive all lit up with firelight. Thanks, Elijah!
 May 30 [2015] Bought some pretty perennials at Lowe's to plant in the front yard today
 May 30 [2015] On the way home from Lowe's -- looks like we're out in the country, doesn't it? Hope it stays this way.
 May 30 [2015] Knox came over this afternoon to help his grandpa plant those flowers
 May 30 [2015] Knox is a hard worker. He filled the dirt in around the plants. Great job, Knox!
May 30 [2015] Ever lovin' Saturday! Hope yours was fabulous!


  1. Love this post! Great pics! How sweet of Elijah to make you that votive. :) Would love to see Knox's scrapbook from MDO!