Monday, March 9, 2015


Grandpeeps at my house after school this afternoon wanted to go outside and play. Imagine that. Grandson Knox was convinced he was jumping rope after he watched his cousin Elijah do it. Knox had all the moves down, but he jumped with the rope, not over the rope. It’s the thought that counts. Not to mention it was pretty cute.
Grandson Elijah got to Jump For Heart at school today. He’s really good at jumping rope, even on the trampoline, and has talked about maybe joining the jump rope team next year.
Granddaughter Shelby can jump, too, but declined. She and Elijah enjoyed playing some volleyball of sorts  ~ no net, no rules, just fun ~ and this one is coming right at Granny and her camera.
Even though the sky was gray, the temps were mild. I’m glad they all wanted to get outdoors. It’s been a while. And tomorrow the rain comes. Looks like a soggy rest of the week. Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Fun afternoon!!! Loved the feel of spring :)