Tuesday, March 3, 2015

If you don’t think, then you shouldn’t talk. ~March Hare, Alice In Wonderland

I had a visitor this morning. Must be the March Hare. But probably a bunny rabbit. He’s been hopping around our backyard for months now and suddenly decided to check out the back porch. I was surprised to see him come so close and expected him to be long gone by the time I grabbed my camera. He must not have noticed me standing inside the door, taking his picture. If he did, he didn't care.
He sniffed around for several seconds, maybe looking for a leaf of lettuce or a carrot stick. Or Spring. Perhaps I should have offered him some tea.
He didn’t find anything of interest so he hopped across the deck and disappeared into the bushes. So cute. Highlight of my day, folks.


  1. Well, how cool is that!? We'll bring some old carrots and strawberries by this week for him. He knows snow is coming so he's looking for goodies to eat :)

    1. He took me by surprise. It was pretty cool. I'm sure he'll be back eventually.