Thursday, January 15, 2015

"That grand old poem called Winter" - Henry David Thoreau

In my neck of the woods [the hilly little middle Tennessee town of Cookeville], the kids can be out of school for a ‘snow day’ when there’s not a snowflake to be found [such as yesterday, unless of course you live on the mountain in Monterey]. It was cold and there were some slick spots, so there you go. The kids were back in school today [on time] which is always a good thing [unless you’re a student or a teacher]. Still freezing cold and probably some slick spots lurking about, so I’m not sure what was going on with that. It did snow, briefly, in the early afternoon, a pleasant surprise [for me, anyway…I like snow…well, as I’ve aged, it’s become more of a love/hate relationship…but I mostly like it]. I wandered around in the flurries while they lasted and snapped some pictures of these icicles decorating Neil’s shed. I like icicles. Didn’t even realize they were there until it started snowing.
There are always fascinating things to be found [and gawked at] in God’s handiwork…things that beg to be photographed…like clouds. And icicles.
The birdseed in our birdfeeders is a siren call to the neighborhood squirrel population. I think this one finally got its fill. It seems to be in a birdseed coma. Look at that belly!
Pretty little bird enjoying the snow [and probably waiting for his turn at the feeder]
flora and fauna ~ looks like winter has taken its toll
Thank God for woodstoves and firewood…the only thing keeping us toasty these frigid winter days and nights [we have a heat pump, but there hasn’t been much heat to pump lately]
On Frozen Pond
Grandpeeps Elijah and Shelby. Shelby forgot her hat and gloves this morning and was a popsicle [or maybe an icicle] by the time we picked her up after school this afternoon. The cure for frozen fingers [and toes and everything in between] is a stop at Poet’s coffeehouse for hot chocolate [with whipped cream of course] to go. That seemed to do the trick. The fire in the woodstove helped, too. Hope you find a warm spot on this cold winter’s day.


  1. Nice post! I missed the snow - our one window has a curtain on it so I had no idea it even snowed! :) Some Poet's hot chocolate (with whipped cream!) would hit the spot about now!

  2. Pretty!! I was ready for hot chocolate and cozy fire by end of this!! Ha!!

  3. supposed to be in the 50s this weekend! woo hoo! :)