Thursday, July 3, 2014

“Does it hurt when I do THIS?”, said no physical therapist ever.

Top 10 Rules for Physical Therapy By your Therapist
1. Never say "I can't" because you'll do it anyway.
2. Never say, "it's easy" because we'll just make it harder
3. Never say, "I want to go home" because you'll stay longer
4. Never lose count because you'll start at one again
5. Never complain because we never listen.
6. Never argue because you'll never win.
7. Never scream or cry because it only encourages us.
8. Never look like you're enjoying it because we'll put a stop to it.
9. Never hold your breath because if you pass out and die, we have to fill out the paperwork.
10 Never lie or cheat because we know the truth and you will live to regret it.
I had partial knee replacement surgery June 16. Thirteen staples. Not so bad. Those are out now as of Tuesday. The worst part of it was probably the blood thinner injections twice a day in my belly for ten days which I gave myself. Take a deep breath and plunge. Wow. Certainly glad that part is done. Orthopedic doc gave me orders for outpatient physical therapy same day I got my staples out. I called to make an appointment and they said Come on over! That first session wasn’t too torturous, but definitely not fun. I knew she would push me. She did. Today was my second session, about 45 minutes, and I have to tell you, she made me cry. It was so unexpected. Just couldn’t help it. She told me I was the second person she’d made cry today ~ if that made me feel any better. It didn’t. It’s what I’m there for. They push, so I have to push back I guess. I know I’ll be better off for it when it’s all said and done. Six weeks. Three times a week. I’m expecting it to get easier. Yes? The best part comes at the end of the session when she places the electrode pads around my knee and completely wraps it in ice and turns on that machine which sends electricity through my muscles, making them move. Feels like things crawling inside my skin. It’s a weird but oddly nice sensation. That and the ice which is a relief. I’m faithful to do my exercises they gave me to do at home, but not like that. I don’t make myself cry. I’ll leave that up to the PT. I have a nice long weekend to recuperate before session three on Monday. My knee is starting to heal and feel better each day. No pain, no gain, right? Oh yeah, those top ten rules listed above? They are all true.  

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  1. :( This makes me sad! Sorry you have to go through all this but praying it'll be worth it. Love you!