Saturday, June 14, 2014


Grandpa Neil and Grandson Knox got haircuts today at Village Barber Shop.
Knox sat still with his mom’s help while Trish clipped and snipped. It also helps to get to hold onto a cool toy~~a Lightning McQueen race car~~ while you’re in the chair.
The talc brush tickled
Knox at Village Barber Shop 6 14 14
The best part~~picking out a sucker when the haircut is done. Cool Dude, indeed!
I think this is a house wren. She’s made her nest inside the bluebird box, and judging from the high pitched chirping going on inside there, I’d say it’s full of babies. She stays busy feeding them.
I made a loaf of bread this afternoon. Well, the bread maker made it. All I did was measure ingredients and push the button.
Neil and I shared a slice when it was hot out of the machine and slathered it with butter. It tasted as wonderful as it smelled when it was baking. Tomorrow I’m planning to make my first loaf of raisin/cinnamon bread. Hope your day was delicious! Happy Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Such cute pics!! You should send the one of Knox in front of the sign to Russell for Village Barbershop Facebook page! We have a wren in our blue bird box, too. Love to hear it sing. :)