Thursday, May 22, 2014


My family has a tradition of getting together for lunch whenever we’re able to. We’ve been known to gather in fast food restaurants when the weather is cold. But on days like today, we hit Dogwood Park and have a zany good time. Sometimes, only four or five of us show up. Now that school is out, there were 16 of us out there under the blue sky and hot sun. Thank God for the nice breeze! But we could have done without those pesky carpenter bees, which seem to love those wooden picnic tables. We had to spread out to eat our lunch and everybody was all over the place, so this picture represents most of us there today ~ I didn’t get Ashley, Ethan, Neil and Knox in this shot, but I did manage to capture Sarah, Holly, Kerry, Kelly, Ann, Jane, Ken, Chris, Julia, Shelby and Elijah. Like trying to get a group shot of those bees!
Julia and Knox making sidewalk chalk art ~
Knox loves his cousin Elijah, much to Elijah’s aggravation at times [well, most of the time] ~
Elijah Dogwood Park 5 22 14
The city finally turned on that beautiful fountain for the summer. Kelly took this awesome shot of Elijah playing under the cold waterfall. I’m sure it felt pretty good on this 85 degree day.
Elijah Knox Dogwood park  5 22 14
Knox had a great time getting wet, too! He ran  in circles around the fountain.
When we were at the park, somebody said, “D.Q.!” Who could resist that?!
Family at DQ 5 22 14
Kelly took this great panoramic shot with her iPhone.
Family at DQ double Shelby 5 22 14
See anything different [and kind of weird] about this panoramic shot? Shelby decided she wanted to be in the shot twice, so after Kelly’s camera swept past her, she crawled under the table and popped up on the other side in time to be in the picture again. Pretty cool. Our lunch bunch had a lot of fun hanging out together this afternoon. We always do! Let’s do it all over again soon!


  1. Fun times as always! Glad to be back in the lunch bunch! Love the "2 Shelbys" shot! :)

  2. I enjoyed our time together today and the stop at DQ was a great way to end the day. Love the pictures and the one of the two Shelbys cracks me up :) Jane, it was great to have you back in the lunch bunch!

  3. Great day great fun!!!! Thanks for taking pics of all us crazies, Ma!!!