Sunday, April 13, 2014

“I Need One More Rock … “ S U N D A Y F U N D A Y with K N O X

We spent the afternoon with Grandson Knox today while his mom got them packed up for a trip.
He was dressed from head to toe in his fave cartoon characters ~ Thomas Train hat, Daniel Tiger T shirt, and Cars Crocs. We stood him on the wood pile in the shade to take some pictures, and he willingly posed with his cars and trucks from the Cars movie.
You have to click that shutter pretty fast cause this kid is always on the move.
He started playing with his cars on the flat pieces of the wood and thought this was great fun, so that’s where he stayed for most of the afternoon. [Neil and I finally pulled over a couple of chairs ~ sitting was better than standing in this case]
His imagination quickly kicked in, and he made a bridge and then started adding more and more stuff to the area ~ sticks, dried up walnuts, a plastic baseball, a leaf, and rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.
“I need one more rock,” said Knox for each rock he picked up out of the yard and driveway and added to his creation. “Just one more rock.”
This was how it all turned out.
Neil told him it looked like his Thomas Train rock quarry. That’s when Knox decided it needed a flag [like his Thomas Train rock quarry] I found a strip of our yellow Don’t Tread On Me flag that got torn off in the wind. Neil stuck it on a stick and they planted it in the middle of Knox’s good time rock creation. He had the best time putting all this together [we don’t need no stinkin’ toys!]. More fun than pint sized human beings should be allowed to have on a sunny windy spring afternoon.
When he got tired of playing on the wood pile, he tackled Grandpa on the trampoline. That’s always good for a laugh.
Knox and tattoo 2   4 13 14
By the time his mom got back, he’d enjoyed a Bomb Pop Popsicle while swinging on the back porch and it dripped on his shirt [hot day~it melted fast] so we took it off to dry in the sun. He showed his mom the building he’d made on the wood pile. While his shirt was off, she snapped this picture of his “tattoo” which I think his cousin Julia drew on him at church today at the suggestion of his uncle Jerry.
Seemed like a great day to hit the D.Q. so we did and it was delish. Nothing like a yummy vanilla cone with sprinkles, no matter how you eat it. And that was our Sunday Funday with Knox! Was your day as much fun as ours?


  1. All GREAT pics!!! He always has so much fun at Granny and Grandpa's. Thanks for wearing him out. He fell asleep before we hit 111 and slept almost to Chattanooga :) FUNDAY!!!!

  2. Precious pictures! I'm glad to see he can have fun the old-fashioned way! :) Is he going to see Thomas the Tank engine in Chattanooga?

  3. Love these pictures and love Knox's creativity! Hope he has fun on his trip.