Sunday, March 9, 2014

Time exists in order that everything doesn’t happen all at once…and space exists so that it doesn’t all happen to you. ~Susan Sontag

clock in waterlogue
I’m very sleepy today, and I need a nap, because sometime during the night, the time thief broke into my house and snatched a whole hour right out of my life. Doesn’t do any good for me to protest, so I yawn a lot and go about my house, running the hour hand forward on all my clocks, and let me tell you, I have a lot of clocks, which is my bad, because I love clocks. I may or may not get my hour back sometime when the leaves are falling off the trees again. In my state, some law maker has proposed a bill that would do away with time falling back [into what I think of as ‘real time’]. We would be the only state in the union, besides Hawaii and parts of Arizona, that would not change time. Ever. And this could pose all sorts of interesting problems, so we’ll see what happens along the road into the future which seems to be coming at me faster and faster all the time, with or without moving my clocks. So DST it is. I’ll wake up and get used to it, eventually. Tick tock.
[photo filtered through Waterlogue app]


  1. Waterlogue app is very cool! The older I get, the harder time I have adjusting to Daylight Savings Time! I'm really glad I don't have to go to school this week. Hoping I will be adjusted by the time I do have to go back.

  2. I love this picture! I have Waterlogue on my ipad. I have to admit I love DST. Just wish they would keep it this way. I hear that Tennessee is thinking of doing just that.

  3. I guess I'm the last to get in on the Waterlogue's really cool!!! Love this pic!!! I'm all for dropping the fall back/spring forward biz but I might change my mind when our shows change time and we don't. Although having a dvr makes that not such a big deal...hint hint ;)