Monday, February 24, 2014


We went to granddaughter Shelby’s  middle school chorus concert this evening. The kids chose a lot of fun, upbeat tunes, so it was a fun concert.
Some of the songs they performed: ‘Believe’, ‘Man Of Constant Sorrow’ [very well done by the guys], ‘Roar’, ‘Apologize’, and ‘Counting Stars’. Shelby is to the right of the microphone stand, second row from bottom,  in the white scarf.
She looked elegant in her long black dress and lacy scarf. This was something that she just wanted to be over and done with. As for me, I really enjoyed all the songs they performed and the energy they put into them. Children’s voices singing, especially in harmony, always squeeze my heart and put a lump in my throat. Can’t help it. Good job, Chorus! Loved watching you, Shelby!


  1. Shelby looks so pretty! Elegant, indeed! I know what you mean about children's voices singing - it makes me well up! Glad she puts herself out there in chorus!

  2. Shelby is growing up so fast! She is very pretty in her black dress and white scarf.

  3. Shelbs looked beautiful!!! Enjoyable concert!! Knox got jiggy with it :)