Monday, February 3, 2014


I’ve been blessed with 61 fabulous years ~ another birthday is always reason to celebrate. My awesome hubby Neil made sure I enjoyed a happy birthday. He decorated our dining room with balloons and streamers, ordered this beautiful and yummy cake from Baskin-Robbins [chocolate chip ice cream/chocolate cake], made delicious punch and took me and the family out to eat a birthday dinner at Outback. What’s not to like about being 61?
Son in law Kerry had some fun with the birthday balloons. KerrBear, you are a hoot!
Grandson Knox would not sing the birthday song when everyone else was singing it which cracked me up because he had this frown on his face. I guess my laughter was contagious. I love this picture.
I think I forgot to make a wish. Doesn’t matter. Getting to celebrate my day of days with family is always my wish come true.
Grand daughter Shelby strikes a gorgeous pose
These were the only birthday napkins we had on hand ~ still hold true even a decade or so later.
Niece Julia waiting for cake. Grandson Elijah is ready to dig in to his piece. It’s tradition in our family that the birthday person cuts and serves the birthday cake.
This is what happens when you put daughter Kelly [right] in charge of picture taking with mom’s camera ~ selfie with her cousin Sarah’s eyeball. Nice shot, ladies.
That’s daughter Holly in the back [wearing her pretty heart scarf and most likely waiting for cake] and sister Jane and brother in law Don [taking one down and passing it around]. Love that horn growing out of Don’s head. Sorry, Don, those kinds of pictures are usually reserved for me.
Knox would not sing the birthday song, but he didn’t hesitate to boogie down a birthday dance.
Knox could not wait for me to open my presents. And not one ‘flat’ present this time. My daughters and their families gave me a bread maker [looking forward to making fresh bread], sister Jane’s family gave me The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler [which I’m looking forward to reading] and a Decomposition Book [love the clever name and also looking forward to filling it with deep thoughts], and Neil gave me a most awesome clock [three stacked clocks which I can set for London, Paris and New York time~unfortunately I don’t live in any of those time zones, but so what, it’s a really cool clock and he knows I love clocks]. And of course I loved all the birthday cards. My family always picks out the best cards [I think it’s genetic (thanks, Mom)]
Here’s my cool clock
The birthday party gang! Thank you all for the birthday love and for making me feel so special on my special day! I love you all!


  1. Hey, these pics turned out pretty good!!! I laughed out loud over a few :) It was a ton of fun!!!! Happy Birthday, Mommy!!! I love you muches!!! Hope your day rocked :)

  2. Looks like you had the best birthday ever. Sorry I couldn't be there!

  3. Great pics! That one of you & Knox (grinning) is priceless! He was so serious while we sang! :) Fun times!