Friday, February 21, 2014

Good Day Sunshine

After the big bad storm rumbled through last night, we were left with a crisp, cool blue sky day and loads of sunshine.
Neil and I went for a walk around the block after our Slim Fast lunch. My left knee hasn’t done all that well since the surgery I had done back in January to repair a torn meniscus. I have other issues like osteo-arthritis and bone on bone troubles from worn away cartilage in that same knee. At my last check up, the bone doc drained  a bunch of fluid off my knee [I know, yummy, right? Not!] and gave me a cortisone injection, which has made a huge difference in my pain factor. Anyway, it was nice to get out and walk and not wonder if Neil was going to have to carry me back home.
It’s hard not to long for spring on a day like today. Even the buttercups are hoping.
The dogwood trees in our yard are starting to bud. I want to tell them not to get ahead of themselves. There may be blue sky and sunshine today.
But it’s still winter, and the last little bit of our wood pile is stacked on the back porch, ready for the wood stove.
I had a request from grandson Elijah to get some ice cream this afternoon after school. And grand daughter Shelby happily said yes to that. Sunlight seems to bring out that urge in people. We headed to Cream City where they had scoops of Cake Batter and Cookie Dough and I bravely abstained from the sweet treats. It was not easy, believe me.
This evening, we had supper with grandson Knox and daughter Kelly at Ocha Thai Food Deli which is always yummy. Knox loves the carrots and broccoli there. He dips them in sweet and sour sauce. The place was packed tonight, apparently with folks who had come to see TTU’s first baseball game of the season. You know spring is near when there’s a baseball in the air.
Knox showed off his arm full of Angry Bird [and pig] tattoos. Way cool.
By the time we got home from supper, my homemade bread was ready to pop out of my [magic] bread making machine. It really is magic. Warm bread. Lots of butter. Heaven.
Kelly shared the last of her  monster sized chocolate dipped strawberries which we devoured. Also heaven. Nobody gets too much heaven, as the Bee Gees song goes. So true. Hope you experienced a little heaven along your way today. Happy TGIF, everyone!


  1. The homemade bread and the strawberries look delish! So sorry you are still having trouble with your knee :( At least the cortisone shot helped. Love Knox's Angry Bird stickers. What a sweetie!

  2. Enjoying your posts!!! Didn't notice you hobbling tonight. That's good, right? Loved the bread. YUMMMERS!!!