Tuesday, January 21, 2014


This is what happens when you put off going to Wal-Mart for groceries and stuff for too long. When I went into the store about 9:30 this morning, there were a few little flakes flying around. An hour later, it had turned into a blizzard. The temperature had dropped and the wind was howling.
My car was buried. The snow was blowing sideways. I couldn’t get the trunk loaded fast enough.
This snow reminded me of the snows we used to have here in middle Tennessee way back when. It was wet and heavy and clung to everything.
I think this snow caught everyone by surprise. It was in the forecast, but it came in so fast and heavy that by the time school let out at 11:15, things were pretty messy. Grandson Elijah was thrilled to be out and couldn’t wait to make a snowball.
My snow-covered back yard
For a while the snow came down so hard it was a total white out. I love the way it clings to the branches. So pretty.
We would have had more of an accumulation if the wind hadn’t been so fierce.
I’ve been craving brownies lately and picked up a mix at the store. Made chili for lunch and then made brownies. Oh yum!
I offered Grandson Knox a lick off the spatula. He tasted it and turned around and started to walk away, but then he came back for more. After going back and forth tasting it, he finally took the spatula for himself.
Knox brownie batter mustache 1 21 14
His mom took this picture of his chocolate mustache and tiny beard after he was done.
Granddaughter Shelby amused herself with her iPhone while they all watched episodes of Spongebob.
Kelly frozen 1 21 14
Daughter Kelly ventured out into the snow to run an errand and took this selfie while trying to stay warm.
Back porch panoramic  snow 1 21 14
Kelly took this panoramic shot of my back porch and deck with her iPhone.
Elijah Knox Granny reading 2  1 21 14
Elijah read a book to Knox who found that very funny.
Elijah Knox Shelby snow bunnies 1 21 14
Late this afternoon, we bundled up and went outside into the snow for as long as we could stand the cold. Thanks for the pic, Kelly.
IMG_2861 IMG_2868
Looks like our neck of the woods will be in the freezer for the next few days. The kids are out of school tomorrow. I’m guessing they’ll be out the rest of this week.
Front porch snow panoramic 1 21 14
Kelly’s panoramic shot of my front porch
We ended our snow day with comfort food for supper ~ hubby Neil’s blueberry waffles and lots of crispy bacon. It's all good! Hope you are comfy and warm where you are.


  1. What a day!! Happy we spent it with you!!

  2. I'm jealous! We got maybe a trace of snow down the hill from you guys :( It was really coming down hard in the morning, but it just wasn't cold enough soon enough for it to really stick. Those snow pictures remind of the snows we used to get growing up. Glad you all got to enjoy the day together. Looks like fun :)

  3. snow days are the perfect time for baking. We are having a snow day today and have decided to spend the free time watching movies and taking naps. Tomorrow the real world begins again.