Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Left Knee

I finally had knee surgery on Friday [Jan 3] to repair my torn left meniscus. It’s probably something I should’ve had done six months ago, but I procrastinated, so there you go. I’ve got this big old bandage wrapped around it right now and can’t bend my knee or take a shower or do ballet [I don’t do ballet anyway, so no loss there]. I would love to take a shower, though, which I’ll be able to do tomorrow because that’s when I can remove the bandage. And hopefully I won’t have to wear these stylish compression stockings anymore. I have pain meds that help but make me sleep but that’s OK. My knee should feel better in a few weeks. For now, I’m pretty much anchored to the recliner or couch and my hubby Neil takes good care of me. I’ll see the doc on Tuesday. Hope I get a good report. Time for another pill! Happy Saturday, y’all!


  1. I still have my stylish compression stockings. I hated those things! Not sure why I kept them. You will feel so much better after you get the bandages off and get a shower. We missed you at church this morning. Take care of yourself and hugs from me and T.

  2. Glad you're feeling better!!

  3. Praying for a speedy recovery! Take care & stay warm!