Thursday, June 30, 2022

“In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.” ― John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent

June 1
Somebody was hungry ~ enjoyed the chicken fingers at Raising Cane's
June 2
Knox’s team came in second place, undefeated until the last game
June 4
Elsa was here
Ella wrapped up in her Frozen blanket
Knox and Ella ~left to their devices
June 5
We enjoyed dinner and a movie with Elijah and Shelby
Ended up watching The Amazing Spiderman even though we’d all already seen it
June 7
In her own little world, surrounded by her dollies
June 11
Elijah and Shelby and parents enjoyed a beach trip to Gulf Shores
June 17
Evening stroll- or roll if you’re Knox - in the neighborhood
June 18
Little mama feeding her baby and rocking her in her arms
Wish I could show you the live version of this pic ~ so sweet
June 18
It’s officially summer when you’re sipping on a Chick-fil-A peach shake
With whipped cream and a cherry on top no less
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Ella could not be bothered to smile
June 19
Father’s Day
Dad Jerry and his kiddos Shelby and Elijah
Daddy Neil and his kiddos Holly and Kelly
Grandpa and grands
Kerry and his kiddos Ella and Knox
We love the Dads!
June 27
Little mama rocking and singing to her baby
Speaking of little mama
Well, at least they’re outside for a change
Grandpa did get them outdoors and took them hiking around City Lake
Ella came home with about twenty skeeter bites on her legs
June 28
They’re back!
Ralph’s Donut Shop is making their yummy cookies for Fourth of July
This week only
June 30
Ella and Knox playing flashlight hide-and-seek with Grandpa
Kids never need an excuse to play with flashlights
Good times on this last day of June night
with the sound of fireworks already popping in the distance 
Freedom, anyone?

June is the gateway to summer.
~Jean Hersey

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

"May: the lilacs are in bloom. Forget yourself." ―Marty Rubin

May 1
Neil merrily blowing bubbles in the merry month of May
I think there was a grandkid around somewhere—maybe
The ball won this round
May 2
Play ball!
May 5
Shelby happy to be home from college to enjoy her summer break
May 8
Mother’s Day
I love my family
Me and my daughter peeps Holly and Kelly
Mine and theirs
Holly with her peeps Shelby and Elijah
Kelly with peep Knox
Kelly with peep Ella
And a shout-out to my better half
May 11
Knox had his hair buzz cut across the front and along the sides, leaving
a longer topnotch as part of his costume for Tennessee Day Project at school
He chose the Cherokee war chief Dragging Canoe as his persona
His mom braided his long extensions and added them to his topnotch of real hair
This was his dress rehearsal
He had to go to school dressed as Dragging Canoe the next morning
They both did a great job!
May 12
Knox as Dragging Canoe in full costume, feathers and all

Here he is alongside the historical Tennesseean Dragging Canoe
Dragging Canoe was a Cherokee war chief who led a band of Cherokee warriors who resisted colonists and United States settlers in the Upper South. Wikipedia
Born: 1738, Overhill Cherokee
Died: February 29, 1792, Whiteside, TN
Parents: Attakullakulla

He earned an A on his report, and his costume was a great success
When he got home from school, he washed off his warpaint 
and Grandpa took him to the barber to get his buzz cut evened out
Later that evening, he got hit by the ball while batting
Automatic walk
His team is undefeated so far this season 
May 13
They picked pretty flowers and made pretty bouquets
May 14
We’ve got mail!
Mourning the loss of our porch mailbox where we’ve had mail delivered
to our front door for the last 39 years
The powers that be at the PO mandated everyone on this street install
a curbside mailbox. Those who don’t comply soon, will be forced to
walk or drive to a community mailbox over on the next street
That idea didn’t sit well to say the least, so we now have curbside delivery
May 16
Our neighborhood is changing
A new house was built not long ago, and now this old one has been
demolished to make way for the new
May 17
Neil salvaged three sets of old doorknobs before they demolished it
Ella uses them like dumbbells
She likes to exercise
Jenga strategy
May 20
Our house is haunted
May 21
Sometimes making art requires a crash helmet
May 22
Boys of Summer
Knox and friends
May 24
Knox on third ready to run
Ella doesn’t care
May 25
Last day
Knox graduated from 4th grade this morning
He’s been a straight-A student from K-4
Received many awards
Proud of you, Knox!
Today was Elijah’s last day of sophomore year in high school
Only two more years, E!
He’s looking forward to getting his driver’s license in August
Stick a fork in him. He’s done.
Dr. Rapunzel Owlett
Next patient
May 26
All tore up
This used to be their dining room and kitchen
Daughter and son in law in the midst of renovation
And upheaval
May 28
Ms. Pac-Waffle
May 29
We were impressed by the good food at Raising Cain’s Chicken Fingers
Sunday after worship
One of our town’s newest restaurants
May 30
Memorial Day
This was at Texas Roadhouse
Remember and Honor
Beautiful evening for some virtual reality
Knox got a virtual reality game from his parents for his A’s this school year
Freedom isn’t free
Never take it for granted
May 31
Baseball season is winding down
Knox’s team undefeated as of this game which they won 12-0

“All things seem possible in May.”
— Edwin Way Teale