Friday, April 30, 2021

“ 'April, April, laugh thy girlish laughter, and the moment after, Weep thy girlish tears, April.' ” ― Angus Wilson, No Laughing Matter

April Fools!
Ella enjoyed her Easter egg hunt at school
April 3
All filled up with candy and ready for our annual egg hunt in the backyard
Grandpa helped Ella and Knox dye the eggs

April 4
Neil wore the tie our niece Sarah made for his birthday
Niece Julia made those works-of-art Easter cookies
They were delicious and half gone before I could take a picture
Our backyard Easter egg hunt is one of my favorite traditions
Even the adult kids join in the hunt. There are prize eggs to be found, and Neil goes out
of his way to make them extra hard to find. This year, Sarah made little Easter boxes
filled with goodies for the old folks to find. Revenge is sweet.
My box was under a pile of rocks.
Elijah collected his eggs in a makeshift ‘basket’ made out of a pair of pants
Brothers and sisters and cousins
They always make the Easter tradition fun
Happy Easter from the Ranft/Myers/Kimbrough Families!
April 6
All our grands have played T Ball
Maybe Ella will too
April 8
She knows she’s not supposed to go up the stairs by herself
Did it anyway. Thought it was funny.
April 9
She likes to help Grandpa feed the birds
Elijah has perfected the backflip on trampoline
Shelby and Ella picked a spring bouquet
This friendly kitty has found him some new friends in Ella and Knox’s backyard

April 12
Sunset view from the Wal-Mart parking lot
April 15
Ella visits after school each Tuesday/Thursday
One of her fave treats is Cool Whip in a Dixie cup
Backyard after school
Knox and his dad throwing the football
Elijah and Shelby popped in
Always fun to have all the grands here after school
April 18
One Two Three Red Light!
April 20
Bubble fun
Her dad set up not one but two bubble machines
More fun than pint-sized human beings should be allowed to have

“There is always a silver lining. Find it.”Shayne Neal
April 22
Neil and I helped pack boxes for Churches of Christ Disaster Relief
Somebody found a marker in the back seat of the car
Borrowed this from Ella’s mom, Kelly
April 24
Happy happy Joy joy
Got to sit down and eat inside Chick-fil-A
It’s these small things we’ve missed during the virus shutdowns
April 25
Knox at Poet’s
Enjoying his cell phone, a big surprise from his parents
April 26
My ├╝ber blurry cell phone camera capture of the pink super moon
Hope you got to see it. It was awesome!
April 28
Light at the end of the bathroom makeover tunnel
Neil has worked long hard hours on this little room
Old vinyl removed along with our big oak cabinet and our cast iron claw foot tub
Kerry helped Neil move the tub out of the bathroom this afternoon and flip it over for painting
The dark green matched the wallpaper that hung on the wall for nearly 30 years
And now it’s a glossy black
New vinyl flooring installed tomorrow if all goes as planned
April 29
Before …
… and after
Installer did an excellent job
We’re super pleased with the way it turned out
April 30
Spent the day with these two
They call the cat Percy
Ella is quite taken with him
He belongs to the neighborhood it seems
Serenity now
Bathroom makeover is finally coming together
Neil laid a lot of cardboard and we rolled the tub in on a dolly
and wrestled it in place, Neil doing all the heavy lifting
He’s busy plumbing now (not his favorite sport)
Toilet goes in next. More fun for the handy man.

“They always say time changes things, 
but you actually have to change them yourself.” 
― Andy Warhol

"No Winter lasts forever, no Spring skips its turn.  
April is a promise that May is bound to keep, and we know it."
 -  Hal Borland

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

“Our life is March weather, savage and serene in one hour.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

March 1
Night light. Stop light. God light.
March 3
Ella’s sticky face
March 6
Soup and sandwich supper
Neil is the grilled cheese master
March 8
Future soccer star
March 8
He gave up trying to grow grass and decided to paint the lawn instead
Just kidding
He sprayed on a crab grass killer. The crazy green color was to show where 
he had already sprayed so as not to overlap. Or something like that.
March 9
Gravity means nothing to a 2 year old
Ella lines up each crayon after she’s done with it
March 11
Pinch Proof
She wore her green to school today because next week 
is spring break - no class on St. Patrick’s Day
She’s had the best time kicking that ball around the back yard
Shelby and Ella making art

March 14
Elijah got a haircut!
March 15
Buttercup bouquets from Knox and Ella
March 17
Snapped this out my kitchen window because standing out there on
the sidewalk taking a picture of the damage a drunk driver caused
would’ve been in poor taste, I guess. And it was raining.
St. Patrick’s Day. The guy had been drinking in a local bar, got behind
the wheel of his car, drunk, and proceeded to speed down our street and lose
control of his car. He slammed into our neighbors SUV,
which was partially parked in their driveway. The impact shoved the SUV into
the same neighbor’s van, which was parked on the street. Their SUV, sandwiched between
the two vehicles, was totaled. And their van pretty messed up.
Neil and I heard the loud bang/crash. First thing I thought was our
car got hit. It was parked on the street, which we rarely do.
If our neighbors hadn’t been home—they usually aren’t that
time of day—the drunk guy would probably have hit our car.
Apparently, he was going way too fast. Drunk plus rain. He wasn’t hurt.
That’s the drunk guy’s car being hauled away (in the pic)
Thankful there were no neighbors out walking or kids out playing.
A series of unfortunate events indeed.
March 18
On our way to pack boxes at Churches of Christ Disaster Relief in Nashville
Hubby Neil and my sister Jane filling boxes as we move them down the roller belt
This warehouse is usually filled with probably a hundred or more people who
work for two solid hours to fill 1500 boxes of food and supplies. But because
of the virus, small groups come to pack as much as can be done in two hours.
I think we packed 275 boxes. Not too bad for a skeleton crew.
March 19
Time for the second shot
As we were pulling in here, one of the health department crew actually said,
“Don’t leave the tunnel without getting your shot.”
Wait. Why are we here?
Can we throw away the masks now?
March 20
Knox was here for a sleepover. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy.
11:00 PM Frosty run. Because we are just that wild and crazy.
March 21
My nieces Sarah and Julia with Ella. Somebody’s got pigtails!
March 23
The squirrels have been sliding off this metal bird feeder ever since we
hung it last Fall. It’s been a hoot to watch. But they are persistent little acrobats and apparently love
a challenge. At least one of them has finally figured it out.
Perseverance pays off.
March 23
Straight outta Lowe's
Neil figured the living room floor was as good a place as any
to unpack the new toilet. Ask him about the fun time
he had installing the thing.  
The bathroom makeover continues ….
March 23
March 24
Got her a new shiny pink ball to kick around the back yard 
March 26
She had to have this pretty little grape hyacinth
and proceeded to pick all the “grapes” off
March 26
Would have been my mom’s 100th birthday
She sure did love her cheese Krystals
March 29
The Handy Man Can
He installed the new faucets and drains
The bathroom makeover continues ….
March 31
13 inches of rain this month
March 2021 will end as the 2nd wettest March on record in our town, 
and this month ranks as the 6th wettest EVER, according to our local weather guy.
We had five feet of water in our basement after the past week’s rain.
Sump pump decided not to pump. Neil thinks the electrical cord shorted out.Timing is everything.But the redbuds and dogwoods are blooming and everything’s green again.
So it’s all good.

There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature
--the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after the winter.
~Rachel Carson, Silent Spring